Time To Build What Matters — Introducing Our Unified Ticketing API

Today, we’re announcing the release of our Unified Ticketing API. You can now offer 10+ integrations for project management and customer service software to your users through a single API. This release underpins Merge’s commitment to a breadth of critical integrations and a depth of functionality unrivaled by any platform — what we believe to be a true Unified experience. 

We’ve never been more excited about what integrations can do for you.

Integrate 10+ of the most popular ticketing tools with one API

Merge’s Unified Ticketing API is launching with 10+ integrations at your fingertips. This includes multiple categories of products that interact with tickets, including:

Why ticketing as our next Unified API? Because ticketing is so common in product integrations. For example, take JIRA - more than 900 different products integrate with their ticketing system. And that’s just one provider. There are hundreds of other products, like Asana, FreshDesk, and Zendesk, that are used by thousands of companies every day.

We plan on releasing more ticketing integrations in the coming weeks. If there’s any integration you’re dying to see let us know in the Intercom chat below.

What can you do with a Unified Ticketing API?

If you have a ticketing use case, we can support it. Here are some ideas:

  • Kick off a workflow: Create a ticket directly within your app - e.g., create a ticket within your customer’s Asana as soon as you detect a security issue
  • Communicate with team members: Read and post comments and attachments on a ticket within your product - e.g. Add a comment about a candidate to your customer’s Asana.  
  • Notify team members: List teams and users so your product can be aware of who to notify about updates - e.g., send an update to your customer’s engineering team in JIRA about the state of their current sprint
  • Record an action for compliance purposes: Open a ticket and add an attachment - e.g., create a record of permission changes in your customer’s Asana.

Curious whether Merge can support your use case? Reach out and schedule a demo with one of our Sales team — they’re ready to help you build.

A Unified API for all your integration needs

Ticketing is the 4th Unified API from Merge, joining HR and Payroll, ATS/Recruiting, and Accounting. Companies like Ramp, TripActions, and Drata already use Merge to make their products more valuable and their customers happier. 

Building with Merge allows you to:

  • Read from and write data to all of our integrations using Merge’s set of common data models
  • Easily map custom fields relevant to your user’s configuration 
  • Directly interact with third-party APIs through supplemental data
  • Access real-time data with webhooks
  • Speed up development with SDKs in 8 languages, logs, automatic issue detection, and an API tester

We’ve built the Merge team, tools, and platform to continue supporting additional categories and integrations. Ready to try for yourself? Sign up for a free account and start building today.