Merge's latest integrations and features

New Integration: Zoho Books

We're thrilled to announce our newest Accounting integration, Zoho Books! The team has been working tirelessly to add more Accounting integrations and we're pleased to now offer Zoho Books to our customers using the Accounting API!

New Integration: BizMerlinHR

The Platform team has been super busy building, and we're excited to announce an addition to our ATS API with BizMerlinHR. Our customers can now offer BizMerlinHR in their suite of ATS integrations! We're delighted to be partnering with BizMerlinHR!

New Integration: ChartHop

This week's update also includes a third integration, support for ChartHop! This is a wonderful addition to our HRIS API and we're ecstatic to include it amongst our 25+ HRIS integrations. We're excited for our partnership with Charthop!

SDK Updates

Other fixes and enhancements:

  • Addition of employee_id to Employment object for HRIS API

  • Webhook logging improvements

  • Request and Response Headers now visible in our API Tester

  • Improved mobile responsiveness in navigation bars

  • Enabled concurrency in more integrations

SmartRecruiters Timestamp Changes

We just added syncing optimizations for SmartRecruiters! Pulling and syncing millions of candidates will be significantly faster for all of our customers.

New Help Center Articles

Webhook Failures


  • Name parsing improvement

  • Async task executions enhancements

  • Addition of employee_id to Employment

  • Pass-through Docs update

  • Support for pulling SSN for Employees on Justworks

  • Resolved UI bug for dropdown Issues mute menu

  • Sorting for effective_date on Employment

Announcing our Series A Funding!

We are honored to announce our $15 million Series A funding round led by Addition, with participation from our existing investor NEA! We're excited to continue to grow our talented team, offer more feature-rich integrations, expand to more categories, and establish more strategic partnerships! Check out more on TechCrunch!

New Help Center Articles

Providing more documentation and instructions to authenticate in Merge Link has been extremely valuable for our customers! We are thrilled to now offer help center articles for:


  • Created work email and personal email filter for HRIS /employees

  • Minor bug fixes and changes

  • Integrations management typeahead on enter now enabled

  • Log sidebar now allows copy + paste for URL and company name, and displays full URL on hover

New Endpoint: GET /linked-accounts

We're excited to give our customers more visibility into their linked accounts. Users can now hit our API and easily see a list of all their linked accounts in the organization. This also includes the account status which can be filtered by complete, incomplete, or re-link needed! It also enable our users to conveniently see what the supported common models are for a given integration, so we're recommending using this endpoint for new customers who need to understand the available actions for a given platform.

Bamboo OpenID Connect

Supporting as many customers as possible is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we're so happy we've been able to build support for authentication via Bamboo OpenID for BambooHR! We could not be more excited to be partnered with BambooHR and continue to provide a seamless integration experience for their customers.

Lever Partner Credentials

We're so happy our end users can now authenticate as a Lever Partner in Merge! Many of Merge's customers are Lever Partners and we're thrilled to offer more support for our ATS users. Being good partners to the platforms we integrate is integral to our company ethos, which is why supporting this means so much to us.

New Endpoint: GET /api/organizations/integrations

Many of our customers wanted the ability to pull the integrations they're supporting, so we've created an endpoint for new integrations specific to individual organizations! This will allow customers to pull metadata about integrations they've opted into Beta for or to filter out integrations they've disabled.


  • SDK updates

  • Organization setting improvements

  • Merge Link enhancements

  • Additional tooltips

  • Writes improvements for Lever

  • Ability to use API Tester for Test Linked Accounts

  • Fix issues with disabled admins

New Integration: Ceridian Dayforce

We're excited to announce Merge users can now offer our Ceridian Dayforce integration to their customers! The Platform team knocked this one out of the park and we can't wait for our customers to start building with Ceridian Dayforce.

New Integration: Jobvite

This week's update also includes support for our Jobvite integration! This is an amazing addition to our ATS API and we're thrilled to include it amongst our 20+ ATS integrations.

New Integration: Fountain

Our team has been busy building, so we are also announcing our Fountain integration! The Platform team is unstoppable here and really went to bat for our customers who had been asking for this one.

Google Sign-On

We're delighted to now offer Google sign-on to both our login and sign up pages on the Merge website! Seamlessly log in to Merge using your G-suite credentials.

Other fixes & improvements:

  • Webhook improvements

  • Custom field enhancement

  • Display_name field enhancement

Greenhouse Writes

We're excited to announce in addition to reading Application data, you can now POST Applications directly to Greenhouse via Merge! Customers were increasingly looking to write Applications associated with Candidates to Greenhouse and we're happy to now support this feature.

Other fixes and improvements:

  • CSV upload enhancements

  • Addition of name to Location object for HRIS API

  • Testing improvements

  • Java SDK upgrade

  • Additional improvements to building integrations quickly and efficiently for our customers :)

New Partnership: UKG Connect Technology Partner

We're thrilled to announce Merge has joined the UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) Technology Partner program! Merge users now have access to integrations with UKG Pro and UKG Ready via Merge's HRIS API.

Support for SAML 2.0 SSO Login

We're excited to announce Merge now supports logging into the Merge Dashboard using SAML 2.0 SSO! Available on our Expand plan, customers are now enabled to use platforms such as Okta to power authentication. We know privacy and security are top of mind for our customers and are excited to support further SSO login functionality.

Merge Link Experience Demo now on our landing page

The Merge Link experience demo is now offered on our home page! Providing a seamless demo experience enables us to showcase how our customers can easily authenticate into over 20+ HRIS, ATS, and Accounting platforms.

Other fixes and enhancements:

  • Our Comeet authentication has now been upgraded to support partnerships

  • UI fixes in developer portal

  • SOAP headers improvement

Teamtailor Writes

We’re excited to share that our customers can now POST candidates and jobs directly to Teamtailor via Merge. Many customers identified this as being critical to our use case, so we were more than happy to help!

New Integration: Namely

Merge has added support for Namely to our HRIS API. Our Platform team absolutely crushed this build and provided an amazing turnaround time for our customers who wanted to integrate via Merge with Namely! 

New Integration: Taleo

Taleo has been a massive target on our roadmap and we are thrilled to be able to announce it has officially been added to our ATS API. We’re extremely proud of this one and can’t wait for our customers to start building with it!

Integration Expansion: Greenhouse Job Board API

In addition to the Harvest API, Merge will now be able to support endpoints on the Job Board API on Greenhouse! This will expand the amount of data our users are able to pull from Greenhouse and expand the level of detail they can pull for a candidate. 

Upgraded Logs

In order to create a more positive customer experience with our logs, we’ve completed a number of infrastructure upgrades that have increased the speed at which our users are able to access and interact with their logs!

Issues Endpoint

We are always looking for ways to empower our customers to be proactive with their end users, which is why we’ve added the Issues endpoint! This allows users to hit our API and easily see if there are any linked account issues, notifying them quickly and efficiently about any customer issue. 

Other fixes and improvements:

  • SDK upgrades 

  • Testing enhancement

  • Syncing speed improvements

  • Ability to filter Time Off by Type for HRIS API

  • Addition of job_code to Job object for ATS API

New User Roles 

We’ve added two new user roles to give our customers flexibility with permissions in their Merge accounts. Users can now be set up as Admins with or without billing access, allowing teams to make sure employees only have access to data they need and keeping sensitive data private in the Merge dashboard. 

New Integration: Nmbrs

Merge is now live with Nmbrs through our HRIS API. This integration has been an important one for many customers, which is why we’re incredibly excited it’s live for all our users. 

If you would like to take advantage of this offering, navigate to Configuration → Integrations → HRIS, and toggle Nmbrs.

Other fixes and improvements:

  • Minor bug fixes and changes

  • Addition of Help Center access directly in dashboard 

New Merge Link Experience

Merge has updated the look and feel of Merge Link! One of our most important interfaces, we’ve improved the appearance and greatly simplified the user experience of our drop-in integration authentication workflow component so that our customers’ end users have a delightful time connecting their products to third-party data providers.

New Merge Link

Reminder: New Pricing Structure

As a reminder, we’ve updated our pricing structure to reflect feedback about ATS, HRIS, and free plans. Rather than simply charging per API call we’ll be pricing according to the following metrics:

HRIS: $0.50 per Employee object per month

ATS: $0.15 per 100 Candidates per month

Free Tier: Up to the first 200 employees or 66,667 candidates

We’re also offering two annual plans to expand the scope of our offering. Check out our new pricing page to see all the perks of our premium plans!

Announcing Merge Guides

In addition to our existing documentation about our API, we’ve rolled out a unique Guides section to provide extremely detailed walkthroughs of key aspects customers have requested for information about as they’re getting set up!

Field Supported By Platform Added 

We’ve added information about whether or not a particular action and object is supported on each of our integrations to enable our customers to conveniently understand platform-specific nuances in our Documentation

New Pricing Structure

As our customer base has grown, we’ve updated our pricing structure to reflect feedback about ATS, HRIS, and free plans. Rather than simply charging per API call we’ll be pricing according to the following metrics:

HRIS: $0.50 per Employee object per month

ATS: $0.15 per 100 Candidates per month

Free Tier: Up to the first 200 employees or 66,667 candidates

We’re also offering two annual plans to expand the scope of our offering. Check out our new pricing page to see all the perks of our premium plans!

New Webhook Capabilities 

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve added webhooks for integration sync status to our platform! Additional configurability for webhooks includes the ability to manage whether you get notified of a completed sync event between Merge and the authenticated integration, or get the latest changed data sent to your receiving server. 

API Changes

Reminder: We added a new field called start_date to the hris.Employee object. Hire_date now reflects the most recent hire date of an employee, and start_date now reflects when the employee has started at the company. 

Other fixes and improvements: 

  • Merge Link style change

  • Webhooks interface updates to reflect new capabilities

Available Actions

We’re continuing to add more excellent content to our docs, including our new page highlighting available-actions. This allows our customers to easily understand what functionalities they can access — highlighting all the possibilities that come from integrating with Merge! Check it out here

Other fixes and improvements:

-Minor bug fixes and changes

-Design updates for Webhooks 

Email Notifications

In order to help streamline issues resolution, we’ve added the ability for users to opt into email notifications about integration issues. This will enable our customers to react quickly to problems when they arise, diagnose what’s going on, and efficiently deliver solutions to their customers. Check out how to configure them here!


This has been a big week for the Merge homepage as we’ve launched a whole new piece to the integrations section! Each integration page now includes all the objects supported on the platform, making it faster and easier to understand the capabilities of all our integrations. We’ve also added code snippets to our homepage!

New Integrations: Workday

Workday Logo

Merge is now live with Workday through our HRIS API. This integration is a priority for many of our customers, so we’re unbelievably happy to be able to add it to our list of integrations. 

If you would like to take advantage of this offering, navigate to Configuration → Integrations → HRIS, and toggle Workday.

Other fixes and improvements:

  • Minor bug fixes and changes

  • Small design adjustments to Linking Flow

  • API Tester interface improvements

Merge Help Center

We’re thrilled to share the Merge Help Center with all our users. Customer experience sits at the core of our mission, and we built our Help Center to empower our customers to find the answers to the questions they need conveniently and efficiently.

Find answers to all your questions about Merge here and check out our related blog post.

API Changes

HRIS: We’re adding a new field called start_date to the hris.Employee object. Hire_date will reflect the most recent hire date of an employee, and start_date will reflect when the employee has started at the company. 

IMPORTANT: We will be transitioning all existing values for hire_date to start_date, and hire_date will  reflect the actual date an offer is made. 

This transition will occur on Monday July 26th at 11:59 PM EST.

SDKs: We’ve now added two Elixir SDKs, which you can access for ATS and HRIS

Linking Flow: We’ve launched a new linking flow that improves the customer experience by clarifying steps with a more standardized, simplified design across all integrations. Internally, the built-in stylings will allow future non-technical integration engineers to easily create and update linking flow steps.

Other fixes and improvements: 

  • Docs enhancements for our webhooks page

  • Added welcome banner to Dashboard

  • Minor bug fixes and changes

Docs Redesign


We're so excited to announce a redesign of our documentation. We pride ourselves on a developer-centric experience, and sensible, beautiful documentation is absolutely critical for our customers and our company.

Check out the newly designed documentation here. To learn more about our thought process behind this change, our designer, Simeon Lee, wrote a blog post on his design process.

New Integrations: UKG Ready and TalentLyft

UKG Ready / TalentLyft

UKG Ready and TalentLyft are now live through our Merge ATS API! To enable these integrations, go to Configuration -> Integrations -> toggle UKG Ready and TalentLyft.

API Changes

  • GET /Candidates - We now offer the ability to filter candidates by first_name, last_name, or email

  • POST for Merge ATS API - Remote_user_id is now an optional parameter for all ATS POST endpoints. Please note that certain integrations still require a remote_user_id parameter to be passed in - you can view which integrations require it via our Available Actions endpoint.

Announcing Single Tenancy at Merge

Announcing Single Tenancy at Merge

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new single tenant offering. From speaking with our enterprise users, it was clear that single-tenancy was important to part of offering best-in-class security and industry-specific compliance standards.

If you'd like to find out more about how to enable single tenancy for your organization, check out our blog post or drop us a line at!

New integrations: Lano and Wrk

lano / wrk

We are pleased to announce two new integrations to our ATS offering - Lano and Wrk.

If you'd like to enable these integrations to optimize your talent management and hiring processes, go to Configuration → ATS → Toggle Lano and Configuration → ATS → Toggle Wrk.

Announcing The Merge Blog

We're pleased to announce the release of the Merge Blog, where you can learn more about Merge and what we do, how we design and build user-centric products, and how we think about APIs and integrations. Subscribe for updates to the blog here, and while you're at it, check out our most recent post from Co-founder Gil Feig, where he shares what Merge is up to for Pride Month. Happy Pride!

New Integration: Paychex 

We are pleased to announce a new integration: Paychex, a leading HR, Payroll, & Benefits provider. With over 680,000+ clients in the US and Northern Europe, Paychex is an excellent addition to your integrations offering that will give your product wide reach. 

If you'd like to enable Paychex, go to Configuration → HRIS → Toggle Paychex. 

API Changes 

  • HRIS: We now offer a Java SDK for our Merge HRIS API! To access the SDK, please refer to this repository.

  • ATS.TimeOffBalance - We now support TimeOffBalance, which pulls information about PTO used and PTO balance remaining for a given employee. Please refer to our documentation for more details.

Integration changes

Smartrecruiters - We now support POST actions for Smartrecruiters Candidates with nested applications, RemoteUser, Scorecard, and ScheduledInterviews. For more information, please use the available actions endpoint.

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed bugs related to scraper & improved error messages.

  • We've made a number of improvements to our user experience for Writes, including:

    • Better error handling and messaging around fields that are relations to other objects.

    • Propagating error messages received from the remote system back to the developer.

    • Improved data validation to ensure that developers get helpful feedback when building request bodies.

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

New Category: Accounting API!

New Category: Accounting API

We are so excited to announce the launch of a new category: Accounting, available in beta! We currently support 3 integrations: Quickbooks OnlineSage Business Cloud Accounting and Xero.

We are actively working on adding more functionality and integrations for Accounting. Check out our documentation to learn more about what we support for accounting, or contact if you'd like to learn more about how to enable this for your organization.

New ATS Integration: Ashby

We are pleased to announce our integration with Ashby, an ATS platform for recruiting teams to manage candidates and applications. Support for both GET and POST methods are included, allowing you to easily create and read information about your candidates, jobs and more. 

API Changes

ATS RemoteUserUsers can now be filtered by email in GET requests. This change has been reflected in our documentation under the GET/users endpoint.

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • Added filtering to the Linked Accounts page by complete and incomplete Linked Accounts to better identify and proactively help customers.

  • Java instructions have been added to the linking flow.

  • Performance improvements for ATS FETCH requests: SAP SuccessFactors, UKG Pro and Zenefits.

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

New Integrations: Justworks and SmartRecruiters

Justworks and SmartRecruiters

We're excited to announce two major additions to our integrations portfolio - Justworks (Merge HRIS) and SmartRecruiters (Merge ATS)! With both of these partners being some of the fastest growing companies in the HR and Recruiting space, we're excited to be able to offer these integrations to our customers. 

If you would like to enable it for your organization, navigate to Configuration → Integrations → HRIS or ATS, and toggle Justworks or SmartRecruiters.

Linking Flow Redesign 

As a company, we highly prioritize the developer and end-user experience when it comes to cross-platform integration authorization. As part of our ongoing design efforts, we've revamped the look and feel of our drop-in integration authorization component, which now features a sleeker design that favors Merge's neutral palette.

Linking Flow Redesign

As a gateway between many different platforms - each with their own brand and style - Merge strives to design an experience that unobtrusively intermediates connections between products. This is one step along this journey - stay tuned for more design updates to come in the coming weeks!

API Changes

  • Integrations Metadata Endpoint - You can now make a request to /api/integrations to programmatically fetch information about the integrations Merge offers.

  • ATS POST /Candidate and POST /Application - We're excited to support these endpoints for the following additional integrations: Greenhouse, Lever, SAP Successfactors and Breezy HR.

  • ATS.attachment.attachment_type is now fully supported across all integrations

Other Fixes and Improvements 

  • We've updated our linking flow for OAuth to include better logging for when an integration encounters bad authorization, which will appear on the Logs page.

  • Better error logging and improvements to the user experience for our POST endpoints, especially with regards to missing or incorrect input.

  • Fixes to how we handle pagination for certain integrations.

  • Fixed documentation to include HRIS Employee.employee_number.

  • Fixes to parsing country data.

  • Remote data now includes a path_parameters section for any relevant endpoints that have a path parameter.

Sync Frequency

We're so excited to announce Sync Frequency, which lets Merge users configure the speed at which they prefer to pull data from remote systems. The Sync Frequency toggle can enable a whole new set of use cases for your business where more or less frequent data syncs may be required.

Sync Frequency

If you would like to try out this feature, click on your profile at the bottom left, click on Configuration → Integrations → Click on any integration → Select your preferred sync frequency.

API Changes

ATS.Attachment - added an attachment_type field to represent types of attachments. This field is an ENUM, with default options including: RESUME, COVER_LETTER, OFFER_LETTER, and OTHER. This change has been reflected on our documentation and all available SDKs.

Integration Improvements

Zenefits - fixed bug for ATS.job to include job.title.

Fixes and Improvements

  • More support for Multi-factor authentication in our Linking Flow, to support more integrations.

  • Fixed bug that populates urls on Log activity page.

  • Enhancements to Linking Flow to improve quality of end-user experience.

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

New Integrations: Gusto and Square Payroll

Gusto + Square

Merge is now live with Gusto and Square Payroll through our HRIS API. With these new partners serving hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide, we think these platforms will be great additions for our customers, especially those seeking to reach small and medium businesses. 

If you would like to enable it for your organization, navigate to Configuration → Integrations → HRIS, and toggle Gusto and Square payroll.

Linking Flow Updates

Linking Flow Updates

One of our core principles at Merge is to provide a seamless authentication experience for our user's users. Over the past few weeks, we've made several improvements to our Linking Flow to improve the user experience and cater to a wider variety of integrations.

  • Our authorization linking flow has been updated to include a validation step for credentials for an integration. This new logic allows a user to go back and re-input the correct credentials for the integration if we weren't able to successfully authenticate, or asks them to try again later.

  • We've made significant speed updates to our linking flow portal for any integrations that require OAuth authentication.

  • We've updated our Linking Flow logic to support multi-factor authentication, which allows us to partner with more vendors. 

  • The Linking Flow modal now hides inactive Linked Accounts from the portal.

  • We've added logic to enforce Linked Account uniqueness, and updated our documentation to include how we handle multiple tokens generated from the same end_user_origin_id

API Changes 

  • HRIS Employee:We've added employee_number to our HRIS Employee Object. This change has been reflected in our documentation and all available SDKs

  • ATS Candidate: We've updated the attachments and applications fields to include the full object body, as opposed to just the ID of the relation

Other Fixes and Improvements 

  • Linked accounts can now be deleted on the Merge portal

  • Fixed a bug with name fields when first or last name is undefined.

  • Added some validation around the remote_user_id for our ATS post endpoints to help with checking that the user exists with the ID passed in.

  • Updated error messaging around unsupported API methods for some of our objects.

  • Fixed bug that allows us to support retrieving large attachment urls.

  • Minor UI and bug fixes.