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 Common Model
  • owner
  • content
  • subject
  • direction
  • engagement_type
  • start_time
  • end_time
  • account
  • contacts
  • remote_was_deleted
  • id
  • remote_id
  • modified_at
  • field_mappings
  • remote_data
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Use Cases

Revenue Intelligence and Analytics

Search and Select Specific Files to Share

with File data

Search Across All Documents

with Drive, Folder, and File data

Download Documents

with Folder and File data

Upload and Organize Documents

with File and Folder data

Update existing tickets and fields

PATCH Tickets

Create new to-dos directly from your app

POST Tickets

Visualize and analyze the status of projects and teams

GET Tickets from Asana and Jira

Add Closed Won customers to a customer success tracker

with Opportunities, Accounts, and Engagements data

Know what stage an Opportunity is in

with Opportunities, Accounts, and Engagements data

Create & track customer interactions

with Opportunities, Accounts, and Engagements data

Monitor customer health & sentiment

with Opportunities, Accounts, and Engagements data

Add sourced contacts or companies to a CRM

by creating Notes

Create Notes in a CRM

by creating Notes

Assign tasks created in CRM

by creating Tasks

Pull information on prospects/leads

with Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities data

Update details to track calls and meetings

by pulling or posting Opportunities, Accounts, and Engagements information

Provide data visualizations based on customer data

by accessing Accounts, Opportunities, and Leads data

Calculate values of opportunities and leads

with Opportunities and Leads data

Read $ Amount from Opportunities to understand financial health of a company

by pulling Opportunities data

Update details on opportunities, leads & contacts

by creating and updating Opportunities, Leads, and Contacts

Pull details on opportunities and accounts

with Accounts and Contacts information

Add candidates to your recruiting pipeline

with Candidate data

Manage headcount planning

with Jobs data

Track new hires

with Offer and Candidate data

Track candidates through their entire interview process

with Application, Interviews, Job Interview States, and Notes data

Power rich analytics about your customers’ talent pipeline

with Interviews data

Pull information from multiple ATS providers into a platform / dashboard

with Candidate, Offer, and Jobs data

Pull EEOC demographic data

with Candidate data

Manage employee referrals

with Candidates and Job data

Manage candidates during the recruitment lifecycle

with Candidate, Offer, and Jobs data

Connect different HR platforms

with Employee data

Deprovision employees when they leave a company

with User, Group, and Teams data

Autoprovision user accounts, credit cards, device management, and software licenses

with User, Group, and Teams data

Pull time off (PTO) information

with Time Off and Employee data

Onboard and offboard employees once they’re hired

with Employee data

Construct Org Charts

with Employee and Teams data

Pull salary information

with Employments data

Pull benefit information, employee, and company contributions

with Benefits data

Understand who was paid, when, benefits, deductions, and taxes

with Payroll and Payroll Run data

Track company spend

with Transaction data

Automatically create purchase orders

with Purchase Order data

Receive payments

with Payments

Track vendor bills

with Invoices

Transfer money

with Journal Entries

Invoice customers

with Invoice data

Record credit card purchases

with Transaction data

Forecast revenue

with Transaction data

Create dashboards

with Transaction data

Candidates partnership qualifications

with Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow data

Candidate's application for tax credits

with Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow data

Candidate's fitness for a loan

with Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow data

The financial health of a company

with Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow data

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