Beyond the Common Model

One data model with total customizability

Access the data you need, including custom fields, through developer-focused features and tools.

Anything that is possible by building directly is possible through Merge.

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What is a
Common Model?

Merge’s Common Models normalize data from hundreds of different software providers.

What is a Unified API?
Supplemental Data

Create structured custom fields and attributes. Write back custom data.

Field Mapping

You or your user can customize every data model through a no-code UI. Access fields via API.

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Remote Fields

Get rich metadata for fields not mapped by Merge. When supported, write custom data back.

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[Field Mapping] has been a huge lifesaver, because there's so much custom data that I need to map.

Jessica Chen
Director of Implementation & Support, Change Engine
Original Data

Anything you can do by building directly, you can do with Merge.

Remote Data

Access all integration data via API in the original format Merge received it.

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Passthrough Request

Write code to interact with any third-party API endpoint. Merge acts as your unified authentication layer.

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