Real-Time Data

Fresh data from every integration delivered straight to your app

Merge continuously syncs with each integration so you have the freshest data possible, and writing data is instant.

You’ll avoid rate limits and get notified instantly of new data via webhooks.

Trusted to power integrations globally

Keep all your data in sync

Ensure the freshest data with multiple sync options from third-party APIs to Merge to your backend, including webhooks, periodic polling, and forced resyncs.

Plus, you can always POST or PATCH data instantly.

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Get notified when the latest data drops

Merge generates webhooks whenever updated data is available so you can keep your database up to date with minimal polling.

You can also access webhooks emitted directly from third-party API providers.

Even better, Merge is able to setup these webhooks right out of the box, where supported. No configuration from you or your end user required.

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Rate Limiting

Don’t be limited as you scale

Merge features a smart rate limiting engine to dynamically handle differences in rate limits and pagination across integrations.

You'll never be limited by what data you access.

How Drata helps thousands streamline their SOC 2 with Merge

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​​”Working with Merge’s Unified API and beautiful React component took less than a sprint to integrate, test, and release.”

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