Integration Observability

Guarantee customer delight

(and your sanity)

Building is just the start.

Get key insights into how your customers use integrations with dashboards, issue detection, logs, and more.

Trusted to power integrations globally
Integration Dashboard

All of your integrations and customer accounts at a glance

Confirm accounts are properly linked between your customers and their selected integration.

Then manage the health of each account over time, all in one dashboard.

Integration Configuration

Offer integrations that exactly meet your specs

Configure and customize your customers' linking flow, available integrations, sync frequencies, and more.

Automated Issue Detection

Catch and resolve issues without a sweat

Issue detection and automated alerts save your team time and keep your customers happy. Quickly solve common customer errors, such as inadequate permissions or expired API keys.

Set up programmatic issue response workflows using Issue Webhooks.


Full transparency to troubleshoot any customer problem

Fully searchable logs track every request and response made through your customers’ configured integrations. Quickly triage issues and identify a root issue with standardized error notifications.

How Drata helps thousands streamline their SOC 2 with Merge

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​​”Working with Merge’s Unified API and beautiful React component took less than a sprint to integrate, test, and release.”

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