Common data model

Build on one data model across every integration

Merge designs common data models for each category of software APIs.

Plug into well-structured data without being an expert in every third-party API.

Trusted to power integrations globally
Normalized data

Say goodbye to data transformations

Merge maps each third-party API to a Common Model with normalized objects and fields.

Forget those data transformations from the past.

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Unified writes

Read anything, write anything

POST any request you want. Anticipate required fields for any third-party API, completely programmatically.

For complex schemas, use object relationships and nesting to craft a single request that works across all API providers.

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Customized data filtering

Toggle, sync, and filter your customer data


Define model and field-level scopes to ensure your users grant access only to the data required for your product's use case.

Selective Sync

Empower your customers to further refine data access with Selective Sync.

Configure which models are pulled based on their attributes — such as candidates who work Remotely or Employees who live in San Francisco.

Normalized Queries

Use normalized query parameters to filter the data you want to access.

Supplemental data

Anything possible by building directly is possible through Merge

For data that doesn’t fit the Common Model, make API requests directly to third parties or access original API responses prior to normalization.

Capture any other non-standard data you want to structure with Custom Fields.

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How Drata helps thousands streamline their SOC 2 with Merge

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​​”Working with Merge’s Unified API and beautiful React component took less than a sprint to integrate, test, and release.”

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