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Merge is a single API to add hundreds of integrations to your app

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What is a Unified API?

Add hundreds of third-party integrations with a single API

What is a Unified API?

Build in-app functionality powered by data continuously synced for each integration and connected customer account

Hundreds of integrations...
and counting

Start syncing data with hundreds of popular accounting, CRM, HR, payroll, project management, recruiting, ticketing, and file storage systems now.

Don’t see the integration you need?
Just ask – we build new integrations fast, at no extra charge to you.

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One data model

Don't muck with data transformations and API quirks.

Common Models provide normalized, constantly synced data for each category of integrations.

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Limitless use cases

Any use case is possible with Merge



Automate employee onboarding. Keep profiles up-to-date as roles change.

Source Candidates

Source Candidates

Enable users to source candidates. Seamlessly send candidates back to their ATS.

Analyze Projects
Project Management

Analyze Projects

Pull tickets to let your users analyze project status within your app. Improve cross-functional collaboration.

Deal Notification

Deal Notification

Get notified on deal status, performance, and metrics. 10x your sales team velocity.

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

Leverage key transaction information to drive strategic insights, create budgets, and forecast revenue.

Collect Security Evidence
File Storage

Collect Security Evidence

Pull relevant files and documents to support security and compliance controls.

Write elegant code — no clutter, no pain

Quickly and painlessly add integrations with an accessible API design, SDKs in multiple languages, and in-depth documentation.

Get Employee Data
import merge
from merge.client import Merge
merge_client = Merge(api_key="<YOUR_API_KEY>", account_token="<YOUR_ACCOUNT_TOKEN>")
employee = merge_client.hris.employees.list()
import { MergeClient, Merge } from '@mergeapi/merge-node-client';
const merge = new MergeClient({
  apiKey: 'YOUR_API_KEY',
  accountToken: 'YOUR_ACCOUNT_TOKEN',
employee = await merge.hris.employees.list()
ApiClient.instance.authentications.tokenAuth = {
  type: 'bearer',
  accessToken: 'API_KEY',
new EmployeesApi().employeesList('ACCOUNT_TOKEN', {}, (data) => {
import (
  merge ""
  mergeclient ""

client := mergeclient.NewClient(
employee, err := client.Hris().Employees().List(
    IncludeRemoteData: merge.Bool(true),
if err != nil {
  return err
fmt.Printf("Retrieved employee with ID %q\n", *employee.Id)
ApiClient client = Configuration.getDefaultApiClient();
ApiKeyAuth tokenAuth = client.getAuthentication('tokenAuth');
CandidatesApi apiInstance = new CandidatesApi(client);
import com.merge.api.MergeApiClient;
import com.merge.api.resources.hris.employees.requests.EmployeesRetrieveRequest;
import com.merge.api.resources.hris.types.Employee;
MergeApiClient mergeClient = MergeApiClient.builder()
Employee employee = mergeClient.hris().employees().list(
"id": "0958cbc6-6040-430a-848e-aafacbadf4ae",
"remote_id": "19202938",
"employee_number": "2",
"company": "8d9fd929-436c-4fd4-a48b-0c61f68d6178",
"first_name": "Dirna",
"last_name": "Emanuel",
"display_full_name": "Dirna Emanuel",
"username": "dirnaemanuel",
"groups": [
"work_email": "",
"personal_email": "",
"mobile_phone_number": "+1234567890",
"employments": [


Save a developer, use our support toolbox

Gone are the days of engineers providing support to your customers.

Fully searchable logs, automated issue detection, and customizable alerts provide everything your customer success team needs to shine.

Unlock revenue and close more deals

Launch integrations in days — not quarters — and never lose another deal.

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Spare your developers hundreds of hours for each integration they build and maintain.

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A seamless integration experience shows you care about the customer experience and demonstrates your product's value.

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Enterprise security out of the box

SOC 2, ISO, GDPR, and more

Merge maintains SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, and HIPAA certifications and adheres to GDPR and CCPA.

Serious data security

Merge encrypts data at rest and in transit, and protects PII with an additional app-layer encryption.

Scalable, fault-tolerant, and compliant

Multi-region infrastructure ensures availability to billions of requests.

Choose where to host your data — US, EU, and anywhere else — based on customer and GDPR requirements.

Merge Trust Center

See our real-time security and compliance posture in our continuous control monitoring dashboard

Love for Merge

Thanks to the exceptional support by the Merge team, BILL launched 40+ HRIS integrations, allowing our engineering team to focus more on our core products. Merge also contributed amazing ideas on how to effectively promote the launch.

Chris Ashby
Chris Ashby
Product Marketing Manager

With Merge, managing API integrations shifted from a technical task for engineers to something our customer support could easily handle.

Ry Sullivan
Ry Sullivan
Chief Product Officer

Merge should make you and your end users’ lives easier: less work in building multiple integrations, real-time data syncing, and accurate data.

Zoran Kovačević
Zoran Kovačević
Senior Director of Product Management

We don't have that many people, and we have a lot to build. Merge's easy access to enabling integrations allowed us to move forward.

Molly Liu
Molly Liu
Product Manager

It's so sick -- it took me 2 days to build out this CRM integration and now we can connect to 20+ CRMs in Causal!

Lukas Köebis
Lukas Köebis

Merge allows us to integrate with dozens of HRIS and ATS providers, cutting down our development time and substantially expanding our market opportunity.

Enrique Esclusa
Enrique Esclusa

It takes my team a matter of an hour or less to identify and address integration issues using the Merge Dashboard. Previously, it may take them up to 5 hours.

Harrison Krat
Harrison Krat
Director of Solutions Architecture

Merge has saved us thousands of engineering hours by funneling a significant amount of 3rd parties into a single set of APIs for us to consume.

Scott Burns
Scott Burns
Engineering Manager

Our customers absolutely LOVE the fact that we integrate with all major HRIS - all thanks to Merge.

Eugene Ling
Eugene Ling
Head of Business

Merge is truly a game-changer for the industry, for our company, and for our users. I actually look forward to setting up integrations now instead of dreading them!

Kara Peabody
Kara Peabody
Senior Product Manager

People think that getting the integrations set up will take a quarter. With Merge, we just onboarded a $250M-revenue brand in two days.

Kara Holinski
Kara Holinski
G2 Momentum Leader Fall 2023G2 Best Support Summer 2023G2 Users Love UsG2 Easiest To Do Business With Fall 2023G2 Best Support Summer 2023

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