One API,
hundreds of product integrations

Merge is a single platform to add entire categories of integrations to your product

Trusted by thousands of product leaders at companies like

Korn Ferry

Drive revenue and reduce churn

with fewer sprints and support tickets

Easily sync your customers' data

Merge builds and maintains 100s of integrations for you

Merge manages connections to allow clean data syncs with the SaaS products your customers use

You build once to Merge

You build a single integration with our unified APIs to read or write data from any third-party platform

Why teams choose Merge

Product teams
choose Merge to accelerate their integration roadmap from quarters to weeks

“17% of the annual recurring revenue we’ve closed over the past six months can be directly attributed to the collaboration capabilities that Merge powers via its ticketing integrations.”

Rebecca Hauser
Senior Product Manager, Thoropass

Engineers love Merge because it makes integrations hassle free

“Building each integration internally would take us 2 to 3 sprints. We built to Merge’s Unified API in the same amount of time and we can now access dozens of HRIS integrations. As a result, Merge has allowed our engineers to save hundreds of hours.”

Greg Pellegrino
VP of Engineering, Electric

Go-to-market teams love Merge because integrations become revenue generating

“Merge came on-site to train our customer-facing teams on marketing, selling and supporting the integrations.”

Alex Giddens
Senior Product Manager,

Security and compliance
are our foundation

Designed from the ground up to safeguard your customer data, Merge adheres to the industry’s highest standards of security and privacy and is certified in SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and the GDPR


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