The fastest way to sync directory data

Access and act on corporate directory data from every user. Only with Merge.

Starting today, you can offer integrations with Okta SCIM, Azure Active Directory, Google Workspace, OneLogin, and JumpCloud SCIM through a single Unified API. 

We’re thrilled that SCIM-based systems are now included as part of our HR, Payroll, and (now) Directory Unified API.

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Expanding to Directory 

SCIM support is the next natural expansion of our workhorse HR and Payroll Unified API. After building over 40+ HR and Payroll integrations in just under two years, giving our users' the ability to manage auto-provisioning, sync data from entire corporate directories, and ultimately expand into enterprise capabilities is critical to our vision of providing the integration layer for every B2B product. 

Directory integrations with Merge take you one step further to enterprise success. 

Full Directory Information. One API

Great news: if you’ve already been building with our HR and Payroll Unified API, then not much has changed. 

Our Employee Model now features two new SCIM-specific fields: username and remote_created_at. If you’re familiar with SCIM, the Employee Model is the new User.

Aside from that, our HRIS Unified API is, unchanged, able to handle the rest of the functionality core to SCIM. Our Groups, Locations, and Teams models all carry related, relevant information in a consistent way among providers. You can explore the breakdown between fields and providers in our API Reference

Existing Merge integrations that offer SCIM functionality, such as BambooHR or Hibob, have been updated to accommodate these new fields. 

On top of Merge features like intuitive webhooks and supplemental data, your product is fully able to link, sync, and action off of data of the thousands of individuals in your customers’ directory - whether they’re full-time, part-time, contractor, or fit in somewhere else in the org chart. 

Get Started with Directory Integrations

If you’ve already built an integration with Merge, then you’re probably already familiar with the basics. 

To find out which integrations we support and pull fields from, check out the API reference for all integrations in our docs

If you’re new, or just want a refresher on how Merge works – check out our onboarding guide, or feel free to reach out to us over Intercom if you have any questions.