Learn how to add Merge to your product.

Integration Authorization

Add Merge to your user experience to allow your users to authorize and configure an integration from within your app.

Get Started

Add Merge's integration authorization component to your user experience.

Single Integration

Skip integration selection and set up a single integration.

Merge SDKs

Take advantage of our SDKs to speed up your backend integration with Merge.


Use our SDKs to integrate your backend with Merge.

API Fundamentals

Understand the basics of interacting with Merge data.


Nuts and bolts like authentication, pagination, and webhooks.

Supplemental Data

Extra things like working with original data from the API.

Platform Categories

Explore in-depth how to interact with categories of supported integrations.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Integrate with multiple ATS platforms using our API.

Human Resource Information Systems

Integrate with multiple HRIS platforms using our API.

Accounting BETA

Integrate with multiple Accounting platforms using our API.