Power Your CRM Integrations with Merge

Today, we launch our Unified CRM API. Our expansion into a fifth category of integrations means developers can now offer deep connections to Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, and more with a single build. 

With Merge, integrations have never been easier. Watch our new launch video now.

Why A Unified CRM API Matters

I want to confess: the original CRM that Merge used for sales was half in a Notion doc and half in our heads. It worked for just Gil and me, but it obviously couldn’t scale. When our team moved to Salesforce last summer we began a process you’re probably too familiar with: building a GTM tech stack that worked as seamlessly as possible with our CRM instance.

CRMs represent a company’s lifeblood. Take Merge: our team uses everything from Apollo to Gong, Hubspot to Scratchpad, and we connect it all to our Salesforce instance. We wouldn’t be able to sell effectively without these software platforms providing deep connections with our source of truth. 

We’re not alone: the average salesperson uses around 10 pieces of interconnected software, all of which require integrations. From sales tech to marketing and customer service, any critical business product can benefit from deep integrations with CRM.

So, how do you guarantee your app connects with your customer’s CRM, regardless of who your customers are?

We think access to a Unified CRM API certainly helps.

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Meet Merge’s Unified CRM API

A Unified API works for you. Our team does the work of standardizing data models and authentication methods, so you can offer your customers an entire vertical of integrations in days instead of months.

We’re launching our new API with support for all major CRM platforms. Don’t see a platform you were looking for? More are on the way, and you can help direct our roadmap through this form.

Some of the integrations we now offer include:

And that's just the start. In the coming months, we're excited to roll out PATCH / DELETE operations, even more integrations, and custom objects to continue to augment all of our categories.

Want to start building? Start scoping out our common models in our documentation.

Why Partner with Merge?

Our goal is to provide developers with a Unified API for all B2B integrations — which means we handle the full lifecycle of your build. With Merge, you get:

  • A Unified Experience — Readable API documentation, a normalized data schema, and a robust dashboard support you through your entire development lifecycle.
  • Real-time data — Webhooks with Merge work for every platform, and you can set them up without a single line of code.
  • Integration expertise — Don’t spend dozens of hours researching and building into complex CRM systems: we’ve already done the work for you, and are more than happy to share what we’ve learned from building integrations.
  • Cross-category potential — Over 1,500+ companies use our HR and Payroll, ATS, Accounting, and Ticketing API integrations. Integrations are a long-term commitment, and we're here to scale with you.
  • Maximum data control — Our single tenancy option and model and field-level scopes give you total control over what data is processed and where your data is stored.
  • Unbeatable customer support — We can add new integrations for you in 2-3 weeks, and our integration experts are ready to assist you at all stages of development
  • End-to-end tooling — Our detailed logs, SDKs, and built-in API tester are just some of the features that help you get up and running with Merge in no time.

Want to explore how Merge can be your integrations partner for any CRM? Schedule a demo today, and let’s make integrations your competitive edge.

Check out our Guide to CRM Integrations for examples of product integrations, an overview of CRM data schemas, and other useful information to consider as you work with CRM APIs.