Meet the Mergies: Yash Gogri

Welcome to another edition of Meet the Mergies, a content series that spotlights the wonderful humans who work at Merge.

Today’s edition features Yash Gogri, a solutions architect who works out of our New York City office.

You can read on to learn why Yash joined Merge, what he works on day-to-day, why he likes working here, and more!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love staying active, whether that’s going to the gym, running outside, or playing tennis. I’ve also started playing the guitar again and am slowly starting to get through my reading list. 

Outside of personal hobbies, I love hanging out with friends in NYC and exploring the city with them.

Where were you working prior to Merge?

I worked as an Advisory Associate at PwC, where I was part of the Financial Crimes Unit. We were tasked with helping financial institutions mitigate risk by helping them invest in a range of comprehensive solutions.

What attracted you to Merge?

It’s actually a funny story. I was scrolling through my LinkedIn feed and came across one of Merge’s welcome posts for new hires. 

I saw every “Mergie” commenting with sweet and thoughtful messages and knew then that Merge had the energy and culture I was looking for. 

I applied right away, and when interviewing, I found that every interviewer was super excited about working at Merge. 

I also knew virtually nothing about the API landscape while interviewing, but I knew that I’d learn so much and work on solving exciting problems in the product integration space.

What does your typical day at Merge look like?

I’m currently a solutions architect, so I serve as the main technical point of contact for customers. 

More specifically, I help customers implement Merge into their products, assist them in discovering new use cases for our integrations, and even consult them on enhancing their platforms beyond integrations. 

Finally, I also partner with Merge’s Product and Engineering teams to ensure that we’re making product improvements that align with customers’ needs. 

What do you like most about working at Merge?

The culture at Merge is unparalleled. Mergies are incredibly smart and driven and really want the company to win. There are also several Mergies that I talk to almost everyday outside of work. 

I feel pretty lucky that I get to be surrounded by people who I not only learn so much from but also have a friendship with. That’s pretty rare, so I take it as a blessing.