Meet the Mergies: Michelle Krameisen

Welcome to another edition of Meet the Mergies, a content series that spotlights the wonderful humans who work at Merge.

Today’s edition features Michelle Krameisen, a customer success manager who works out of our New York City office.

You can read on to learn why Michelle joined Merge, what she works on day-to-day, why she likes working here, and more!

1. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

You can find me running, biking, and swimming several days a week to stay in shape or train for ironmans, marathons, and other events.

In the winter I love to ski. This past February I actually went to our SF office for a week and skied in Tahoe with some co-workers! 

2. Where were you working prior to Merge?

Before Merge, I worked on the growth operations team at, another integration platform. 

I had actually interned there in college and stayed on the team throughout my senior year and after graduation. My experience at Tray gave me a solid understanding of APIs, which has translated extremely well to my current role at Merge! 

3. What attracted you to Merge?

Merge had just come out of stealth when I learned about the company, and the product really resonated with me based on my experience in the space. 

Once I started interviewing, it became evident that “Mergies” are extremely hard working, smart, and work quickly. This gave me confidence that I’d be able to learn a ton from the founders and my colleagues. 

4. What does your typical day at Merge look like?

My role has evolved over the last three years, but at its core, I’m a technical point of contact for a lot of our customers. I’ll generally have two to four customer calls a day, which include QBRs, renewal conversations, bi-weekly check-ins, etc.

We work with both engineering and GTM teams, so my conversations can vary from super in-depth technical topics around how you can sync data from our API efficiently to more strategic conversations about how to go-to-market with the integrations Merge powers.

5. What do you like most about working at Merge?

I love that the Merge team works in person! I’ve learned so much about our product and the value our integrations offer customers by being in the office each day. It’s also allowed me to build meaningful personal and professional relationships.

It’s safe to say that our in-person culture has been an integral part of building my career.