How Merge Helps Post-Sales Teams Succeed with Integrations

It’s no secret that building integrations is messy. That’s why our goal at Merge is to take the burden of building off your team! We designed our customer support process around three pillars: extensive training, accessible resources, and ongoing support in order to help you maintain your integrations through their entire lifecycle.

We measure our success by the success of our customers. When our customers purchase Merge, they don’t just gain access to our application — they receive the support and expertise of our team. We dedicate substantial resources to ensure that our customers’ post-sales teams are fully enabled on our product and set up to help their own customers!


Learning how to use a new tool can be challenging, and the stakes are higher when that tool impacts your customers’ own experiences. When you partner with Merge, we begin training on day one to ensure you and your team know the Merge platform inside and out. 

Our Growth team starts with an initial kickoff meeting with each post-sales team to walk them through our platform. We recommend best practices like setting up issue notifications so that customer facing teams get notified any time an integration runs into a problem. This way, customers’ teams can be proactive and deliver a seamless integration experience.


We know that getting information quickly and efficiently is a priority for our partners, which is why we’ve built robust and accessible resources for the range of questions that will come up for each organization. From our Help Center to our Guides and our Documentation, we’ve categorized everything a customer needs to know about using Merge.

Ongoing Support

Even after all the training and resources, we know certain situations require a customized approach. We provide rapid, solutions-oriented support to our partners any time an issue arises that falls outside the scope of what they’re prepared to handle. We arm our customers with information about what exactly is going on, and provide next steps to resolve the problem.