Simplifying our linking flow: Prefixes and Suffixes

Merge was built to be a smooth and easy way for companies to offer a large suite of integrations across HR, recruiting, accounting, and payroll for their customers! As such, we’re constantly iterating on feedback and looking for even more ways to make your integration with Merge as seamless and painless as possible. 

Integrations as a whole are quite complex, with each platform offering different ways to connect and pull data - Merge looks to optimize every step of the integration funnel for our users, from creating an easy way for customers to connect to their platforms to your product, to normalizing the data and returning it in a standardized format to you. Our feature highlight today focuses on the former! 

Today, we’re excited to highlight a new feature we’ve built to improve our linking flow, and make it much more clear for end users what information they need to provide! Enter: Prefixes and Suffixes. 

For many integrations, we require your customers to enter a subdomain for us to pull and link their data to your platform. Many of these platforms require different variations of entering domains/subdomains in order to access customer information. Integration management with Merge means that we solve for these variations and handle the linking process end to end for our customers - gone are the days where our customers have to deal with the pain of receiving incorrect information during the authentication process. 

There have been instances where customers have entered an incorrect combination of their subdomain with a prefix or suffix - this leads to an experience that isn’t quite ideal. Our prefix and suffix feature aims to eliminate this problem by creating a simpler way for customers to pull their subdomain, which we then validate to create the smoothest linking flow experience possible. No more support time required to validate the integration!

Here’s how the feature works:

Customers looking to link their account to your product see a screen that gives them instructions on how to find and add their subdomain. We populate both the prefixes and suffixes required for individual integrations automatically.

We then validate that the subdomain is a valid subdomain and throw an error letting your customer know it’s incorrect if they include any url prefixes or suffixes.

Once we’ve validated that the subdomain is correct - we allow your customers to complete the linking flow! It’s that simple.

Our customers will benefit as there is less friction between their product and their customers integrations as it is now dead simple to link all of their accounts!

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