Meet Blueprint, our new AI powered tool to build better integrations

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Blueprint, an AI-powered tool that revolutionizes the integration development process for Merge's Unified APIs. 

You can try it out now at!

At Merge, our mission is to make it as easy as possible to add integrations to applications, and Blueprint is a significant step towards achieving that goal. Blueprint uses AI to read any API’s documentation and infer the connections between the API and one of Merge’s seven Unified APIs, the first step towards automatically building integrations. By supporting popular categories of software APIs, such as accounting, CRM, file storage, HR, marketing, recruiting, and ticketing systems, Blueprint opens up new possibilities for anyone to contribute to Merge's Unified APIs and accelerate the development of integrations offered through our platform.

Gil Feig, our Co-Founder and CTO, says it best, "We are thrilled to introduce Blueprint to the development community. This AI-powered feature embodies our commitment to simplifying the API development process and enables developers to contribute to Merge’s Unified APIs.”

How to Use Blueprint

Getting started with Blueprint is incredibly straightforward. Anyone can begin using the tool by simply providing a documentation link to the API they wish to integrate into their product. Blueprint employs a series of LLMs (Large Language Models) to analyze the API structure and translate it into standardized data schemas that constitute a Unified API.

The output generated by Blueprint includes the API definition, standardized data models, and the required fields for developers to build scalable integrations in their own applications. Furthermore, individuals using Blueprint have the opportunity to request that Merge incorporates their API definition into Merge's Unified APIs, fostering a collaborative environment that promotes innovation. 

What Blueprint means

Blueprint represents Merge's continued investment in AI technology. We are proud to support hundreds of AI-powered software companies by providing them with customer data from our Unified APIs. Companies like Gong, Ramp, Lucid, Peoplelogic, and FutureFit AI already leverage B2B integrations from Merge to connect business data on behalf of their customers. As we continue to invest in AI, Blueprint demonstrates our dedication to pushing the boundaries of integration development and empowering businesses worldwide.

We are excited about the possibilities Blueprint brings to the Merge community and the opportunity it presents for anyone to contribute to our growing ecosystem. At Merge, we are committed to providing the best tools and experiences for our customers, and with the launch of Blueprint, we are one step closer to achieving that vision.

You can try Blueprint today at

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