Meet Blueprint

Blueprint uses AI to change how we build integrations. 

Now available in beta, Blueprint allows anyone to contribute to Merge’s Unified APIs and accelerate integration development.

Integrations built faster with AI 

Input the documentation URL for an API and Blueprint will automatically generate the API definition (‘blueprint’) to Merge’s Common Models

You then have an opportunity to request Blueprint’s output be added to Merge’s own Unified APIs.

Learn more about Blueprint and how it's used in our video.

And just wait: this is only the start of what Blueprint can build.


Partially. Blueprint enables you to quickly confirm an API’s compatibility with Merge’s Unified API, and the Merge team then uses Blueprint's output to automate part of the building process.

Leveraging AI, Blueprint automatically shows how third-party endpoints and fields are standardized to Merge’s Common Models in just seconds, which is one of the first steps when we build a new integration. This speeds up the development of new integrations we offer through Merge’s platform — on top of the 170+ we already support!

You can submit an integration request if Merge does not yet support it through Blueprint. Our engineering team will evaluate and determine, based on a variety of factors, on how to prioritize building that integration.

A good URL points to the root page of an API reference, and showcases the corresponding data models.

Examples include BambooHR's API:, or Freshdesk's:

A bad URL would be the homepage of a platform, such as, or an "API Instruction" page, such as this one from Nmbrs:

Instead, the correct Nmbrs API doc URL to input would be:

Not necessarily. Blueprint uses AI to start building the normalization process to match one of Merge’s Unified APIs. Our engineering team leverages these initial outputs as a starting point when building new integrations.

Blueprint is also in beta, and may not provide accurate results.

To use Blueprint, you will need to submit the information requested by the tool, which includes a URL to the public documentation for the API that you wish to integrate with. 

When Blueprint successfully runs, you will be shown a sample output with only a few endpoints. To view the complete results, please submit a valid email address. All information that you submit will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

It depends on several factors that help us decide how to prioritize adding new integrations. We encourage you to submit any integration requests to help us track demand.

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