Introducing API log search

What would the old you do?

The message arrives from your customer: “My employee, Jamie Smith, her home email isn’t showing in the dashboard and now we’ve failed to send her tax documents in time!!” 

What would the old you do? Consider what could’ve gone wrong. Wait for your engineering team to go through API logs. Could it just be that your customer never put in their email? 

Of course, that was the old you. 

This is the new you. You use a Unified API for your integrations. 

So: just go to the Merge API request logs page. Search: “Amy Chan.” Filter that search by requests from the Unified API to the API provider that your customer uses.

There it is: the problem was that the data was never stored. Your reply: ask your customer to fill the info in. 

That’s how easy it is to solve issues with Merge’s API log search. 

One search bar. Every request, to and from Merge. Text searchable, and filterable by any aspect of the log.

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Meet API log search

Today, we’re thrilled to launch our new API log search. It’s dynamic, intuitive, and available right now through your Merge Dashboard and is one of our core features to help you manage your integrations. See it in action live in the Merge Dashboard below.

Start searching Now

API log search is available to all Merge users right now. You can access it through your Merge Dashboard under the "Logs" tab.

Customers on our Grow and Expand plans benefit from longer retention periods for Logs. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to a member of our Sales team

Log Search is dynamic, intuitive, and, we have to say, fun to use. There’s some great Help Center articles to get you started creating dynamic, intuitive searches. Read them over to learn about the nuances of Log Search now.

Happy searching.