10 ways your product can use ticketing integrations

Whether your customers use project management software like Asana, internal ticketing systems like Jira, or customer service platforms like Zendesk - providing deep integrations with ticketing software can bring your product to the next level.

What is Ticketing Software?

Ticketing software encompasses three interconnected areas of software: 

  • Project Management Software, including Asana and Hive
  • Internal Ticketing Systems, like Jira, Github Issues, Gitlab Issues
  • Customer Service platforms, like Zendesk, Intercom, and ServiceNow

Merge provides a single API that allows your product to provide integrations with all the platforms above - and more. 

Wondering what you can build? Let’s see if we can’t get the creative juices flowing.

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What can you do with Ticketing Integrations?

If you have a ticketing integration use case, we can support it. Here are some ideas:

Ensure Security Compliance: Open a ticket and add an attachment to create a record of permission changes in your customer’s Asana.

Kick off a Task: Create a ticket directly within your app - e.g., create a ticket within your customer’s Asana as soon as you detect a security issue

Streamline Communication: Read and post comments and attachments on a ticket within your product - e.g. Add a comment about a candidate to your customer’s Asana.  

Alert Team Members: List teams and users so your product can be aware of who to notify about updates - e.g., send an update to your customer’s engineering team in JIRA about the state of their current sprint

Speed Up Onboarding Tasks: Onboarding - especially for remote-first workspaces - takes up to three months. How much of that time is spent manually checking and assigning tasks? 

By automatically generating tickets to complete tasks related to onboarding, your customers can increase the value of their business 10x.

Know the Real-Time Status of Tickets - Provide real-time data with the combination of Merge’s webhooks and Merge’s Ticket object - which provides a helpful “status” field to let you know whether a ticket is open or closed.

Integrate with Other PM and Ticketing Apps — When 73% of businesses want better ease of integration between ticketing apps then it’s best to list. Allow for the reading and writing of Tickets across a dozen systems with Merge’s Unified API.

Offer Time Tracking - Read data about when a Ticket was created to provide valuable information about the time spent on each project.

Track Bugs Anywhere - Want to provide a single source of truth for how customer success and engineering squash bugs? Read info from Tickets, Tags, and Teams to reliably sort info related to customer-specific bugs.

Streamline helpdesk communication - Stay up to date with the latest conversation comments on a ticket. Read info from our Ticket object to ensure all stakeholders are kept up to date.

And that’s just the start. 

Merge provides more than a Unified Ticketing API. We offer integrations with 70+ other HR and Payroll, ATS/recruiting, and accounting systems

Whether your product needs additional integrations now or in the future, you know you can count on Merge.

Don’t see your use case above? Schedule time with one of the members of our sales team: they’re here to talk you through your use case and determine if Merge is the right fit.