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Founders fireside chat: AI insights for startups

AI isn't just a fleeting trend— it's a way to grow faster and stay ahead. Founders are approaching the use of AI in various ways, whether it’s using it internally to move faster or building it as part of their own product to differentiate themselves in the market.

Shensi Ding, Co-founder and CEO of Merge faciliated a fireside chat with 3 startup founders about how they’re thinking about leveraging AI today and in the future:

  • Rahul Asati, Co-founder & CTO of Atlas
  • Jonathan Fields, Co-founder & CEO of Assembly
  • Taimur Abdaal, Co-founder & CEO of Causal

Topics covered include

  • When it makes sense to incorporate AI into your product
  • How AI can help your limited engineering resources be more productive
  • How AI will influence how startups build their teams and operate

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Meet the speakers

Shensi Ding
Jonathan Fields
Co-founder & CEO
Taimur Abdaal
Co-founder & CEO
Rahul Asati
Co-founder & CTO
Founders fireside chat: AI insights for startups