How Merge helps companies in Europe build secure, reliable, and powerful product integrations at scale

One of our goals from the very beginning has been to help any European-based SaaS company build secure and impactful customer-facing integrations.

With this in mind, we care deeply about data security and privacy and are willing to take every precaution to protect our customers’ data—which means going above and beyond complying with global security standards like ISO 27001 and privacy regulations like GDPR. We also offer both single and multi-tenant environments in Europe; and we consistently add integrations with European-focused applications, such as Cezanne HR, Teamleader, Hailey HR, Teamtailor, and Tribepad.

These investments have led us to earn the trust and business of hundreds of B2B SaaS companies in Europe, which now make up roughly 30% of our entire customer base (and this percentage is growing quickly).

To better understand how we support our European customers’ integration needs and wants, we’ll break down some of the steps we’ve taken across our infrastructure, personnel, and platform.

We have an established team in Berlin 

If any of our European customers run into any issues with our platform or have questions, we want them to receive helpful responses as quickly as possible.

We’ve built out a support team in Berlin that’s ready to answer any questions for customers in the region quickly. This team, combined with our U.S.-based support team, allows us to offer nearly 24-hour support (which complements our 24-hour support for urgent issues).

Moreover, if any prospects in Europe want to learn more about our unified API, pricing plans, or customer success stories while evaluating our platform, we now have a sales team in Berlin that’s ready to facilitate those conversations.

We’re committed to not only expanding our support, customer success, and sales teams in Europe but also building out other functions that can offer additional support to customers. 

We support single and multi-tenant environments in Europe

To give our European customers full control over where their data is stored, we offer both single and multi-tenant environments in Europe. 

These multi and single-tenant environments allow our customers to store data in AWS within Stockholm, Sweden, and the single-tenant environment offers customers an additional level of security, as they get their own servers and databases.

We’ve built features that give customers greater control of and visibility on their integrations 

To help our customers only retrieve and sync the data they need, we’ve continued to enhance our Scopes feature—which lets customers toggle off the specific Common Models or fields they don’t want to access and sync. 

A screenshot of Scopes
Using Scopes, you can disable entire Common Models or any of their associated fields 

In addition, we’ve recently added Audit Trail, which allows admins to oversee all of the activities in their account, including the events that were performed, by whom, and when. This feature can help admins spot the source of an issue and take the appropriate measures to not only resolve it but also prevent it from recurring.

A screenshot of Audit Trail
Using Audit Trail, you can determine the who, what, and when for any activities in your account

Finally, to help us comply with GDPR and to respect our end users’ data privacy wants, we enable customers to avoid syncing data from specific employees through our ignore endpoint

Final thoughts

There’s nothing more important to us than supporting our large and growing European customer base. This has motivated us to make these investments, and it’s what will push us to make even more in the years to come.

To learn more about Merge, the customers we work with in Europe, and how we can help scale your customer-facing integrations, you can schedule a demo with one of our integration experts.