How data from product integrations can fuel cutting-edge AI features and products (3 real-world examples)

As AI continues to advance at a blistering pace, companies have been scrambling to determine the best ways to leverage it in their product.

To make your AI-powered features work, you’ll need to spend time ideating, designing, and testing your AI features comprehensively. But equally important, you’ll need to identify and access rich data sources for your AI and machine learning models. 

It’s only by tapping into a high volume of accurate, up-to-date, and diverse data that your AI capabilities can stand out and perform beyond users’ expectations. 

We’ll walk through why the data from your product integrations can be the key to unlocking innovative AI features by breaking down 3 real-world examples.

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Assembly uses file storage data to provide an unrivaled search experience

Assembly, which offers a number of HR solutions, built file storage integrations (via Merge’s File Storage Unified API) with Box, Sharepoint, Dropbox, and OneDrive. 

While these integrations have allowed Assembly to improve their customer experience in a number of ways—we’ve highlighted all of the benefits in our case study—, their AI use case stands out.

Essentially, Assembly provides an intranet solution that lets employees search for information and documents. On top of the solution, they’ve developed “Dora AI”, which reads all the files that’ve been added to Assembly (most of which are synced over from the file integrations) and uses the information in the files to provide direct answers to employees’ queries. 

For instance, if an employee asks about their company’s PTO policy, Dora AI can provide a concise answer based on the information provided in the company’s leave policy document.

A screenshot of Dora AI in action
Dora AI uses information from the clients’ files in Assembly to deliver employees actionable insights.

By leveraging a wide range of up-to-date files, Dora AI is consistently helpful and reliable; in turn, users save time, stay in the platform, and ultimately see more value from Assembly.

Telescope utilizes CRM data to deliver high quality lead recommendations

Telescope, which offers a solution that uses AI to provide lead recommendations to reps (and allows reps to then take follow-up actions on those leads), uses Merge’s CRM Unified API to integrate with clients’ CRM systems. 

Similar to Assembly, these integrations deliver a variety of benefits to Telescope’s users (which we’ve also highlighted in their case study), and the integrations’ impact on the platform’s AI capabilities serve as a great example.

The CRM data is foundational to the machine learning algorithms that power Telescope’s lead recommendations, ensuring the platform provides highly-targeted leads to users, quickly. 

“By analyzing our clients' CRM data, Telescope can generate a customer blueprint in seconds, allowing us to instantly understand their ideal customer profile and recommend highly-targeted leads from their first use of our platform.”  
— Dr. Reza Javan, CEO and Founder of Telescope

Kraftful leverages user feedback in support tickets to provide actionable, GPT-powered insights

Kraftful is an AI copilot for product teams. It allows product managers to analyze and uncover user insights based on support tickets and other user feedback, write user stories and product requirement documents (PRDs), strategically collaborate with your team, and, ultimately, create more delightful products.

They use Merge’s Ticketing and Project Management Unified API to ingest their customers’ tickets securely. By analyzing that data along with other user feedback, they’re able to provide invaluable insights to product teams. 

A screenshot of Kraftful's platform offering feature requests
Kratful uses support tickets and other user feedback to provide actionable insights for product managers.

This can be identifying users’ top needs, issues, favorite product features, and so on. In addition, the AI copilot can show users the tickets that mentioned specific user feedback, giving them confidence in the copilot and allowing them to get more context about the summarized feature request or complaint.

"Kraftful helps product teams build a community of users around their products by listening to users at scale, automatically incorporating their support tickets and other user feedback in the product development process, and making users feel heard."
— Yana Welinder, Founder & CEO of Kraftful

Access the data your AI features need with Merge

Merge, the leading unified API platform, offers unified APIs across key software categories to power hundreds of integrations. In addition, the platform uses comprehensive common models for accessing a wide range of data along with advanced features, like Field Mapping, to ingest custom objects and fields.

Learn how Merge can power your AI features or product (like the examples above) by scheduling a demo with one of our integration experts.