Highlighting our Integration with ChartHop

The Charthop team recently spun up a beautiful landing page that highlights the integration Merge has built with their platform! 

We wanted to highlight what’s possible with Merge’s ChartHop integration and our HR and Payroll Unified API. Here’s what the ChartHop team had to say about the integration:

“At ChartHop, we believe that visibility into people data is transformational to organizations. We have built a highly flexible platform that can connect to multiple data sources through our supported apps, our API, and our data loaders to bring together people data from a variety of sources into a single view. We are excited about the insights our customers are unleashing today with ChartHop Connect and encourage any organizations looking to do the same to come checkout ChartHop!”

- Justin Garrity, VP of Product

What is ChartHop?

ChartHop brings all your people data in one place to build more informed, empowered, and connected organizations. Companies like 1Password, BetterCloud, and InVision trust ChartHop’s software to manage organizational health and growth with a single source of data. Or, as ChartHop says, “basically rule the world.” 

How does Merge’s integration with ChartHop work?

Our ChartHop integration lets you access data from ChartHop’s API such as:

  • Person
  • Group
  • Job

…directly from your user’s account!

Where does Merge stand out from a direct integration? We standardize those above ChartHop objects into standardized data models that serve as references.

For example, data from ChartHop’s /person endpoint gets normalized into our “Employee” Common Model.  

When you interact with Merge, you just need to know the standardized Common Models for any of our endpoints to access data from any integration on our HR and Payroll Unified API. Whether it’s ChartHop, Workday, Hibob, or… you get the idea, you can trust there’s just one API you need to know to pull data from.

How does authentication work with Merge’s ChartHop integration?

With Merge, you don’t need to worry about handling any pernicious auth issues across any of the integrations you offer.

When your end-user authenticates their ChartHop account in your app, we process their credentials through a secure token exchange that ensures their data is secure and syncs reliably with your app.

Even better, if any auth issues surface because of expired API keys on your user's side, we offer fully searchable logs and robust issue detection that allows any member of your team - not just engineering - to investigate and guide your user through fixing the errors.

What if there are objects in ChartHop’s API I want to access, but Merge doesn’t normalize them?

We can do that!

Our supplemental data allows you to access original data in two ways. First, remote data, allows you to access any data that wasn’t normalized by Merge as part of your call to Merge’s API. Secondly, a passthrough request lets you interact with ChartHop’s API directly, but has Merge handle the authentication.

Where do I sign up?

Interested in learning more about ChartHop’s product for your own use? Request a demo with their team today! 

If you’re interested in testing out Merge’s ChartHop integration, join ChartHop’s developer community, ChartHop Connect.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out over Intercom or check out our Help Center.

Curious if our HR and Payroll Unified API fits your use case?

Sign up for a demo now, and let one of our experts help guide you through Merge.