Where to find a free NetSuite integration

As you build integrations with applications in specific software categories, you’ll likely find that your clients want certain applications prioritized. 

For the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software category, one of these applications is likely to be NetSuite. After all, the platform has tens of thousands of clients, a presence in more than 200 countries, and serves clients of all sizes and industries.

Once you’ve determined that you need to build an integration with NetSuite, and you’ve also decided that you want to use a 3rd-party solution to do so, you’ll need to perform the work of evaluating different vendors to find the solution that’s best for your organization. This evaluation process can be tedious, especially if you’re looking to build the NetSuite integration for free. 

To help fast-track your evaluation process, we’ll share the different categories of solutions you can consider and break down the vendors within those categories that offer a free NetSuite integration (assuming there are any).  

Embedded integration platform as a service (iPaaS)

An embedded iPaaS—e.g. Workato and Tray.io—allows you to build one customer-facing integration at a time, either by using one of their pre-built application connectors or by building a custom connector via their SDK. 

Embedded iPaaS solutions typically don’t offer a free subscription. Instead, they offer free, limited-time trials. As a result, there isn’t an embedded iPaaS vendor that offers a free NetSuite integration. 

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Integration marketplace as a service (iMaaS)

An iMaaS—e.g. Pandium and Prismatic—lets you build customer-facing integrations and launch in-app integration marketplaces.

Similar to embedded iPaaS solutions, you won’t find an iMaaS that offers a free subscription level. You can either participate in a free, limited-time trial, or jump straight to a paid subscription (you'd need to speak to a sales rep before you can do the latter).

With that said, there isn’t an iMaaS that offers a free NetSuite integration.

Unified application programming interface (API) platform

A unified API solution offers a single, aggregated API that lets you build multiple integrations within a given software category, like HRIS.

Many vendors within this category don’t offer integrations with NetSuite, let alone any ERP system. And those that do typically don’t include NetSuite (among other prominent ERP systems, like Intacct and Microsoft Dynamics 365) in their free subscription tier.

Fortunately, Merge is an exception; our Launch plan lets you offer NetSuite integrations for free. 

Learn how Merge, the leading unified API solution, can help you not only integrate with NetSuite but also with hundreds of other applications by scheduling a demo with one of our integration experts.