Announcing our Help Center

One of our goals is to make the customer experience as seamless and as self-serve as possible. Today, we’re realizing a major part of that vision with the launch of our Help Center

The questions we’ve received over the past few months point to one thing: users are engaging with our platform in ways we’ve never even dreamt. A Help Center was undoubtedly one of the most frequent recommendations when we were sourcing feedback, which is why we’re so excited for it to be live!

As Merge grows, it's important to be able to support the different types of users on our platform. As an API company, it was necessary to spend time thinking about our documentation and how to best support the developer experience. However, we found questions related to our platform required us to think about how non-developer users could engage with Merge. The Help Center now provides a centralized repository where users can serve themselves.

Topics like explainers for webhooks, ATS and HRIS partnerships, and guides for the linking flow are now all available and easily searchable. We want our customers to go as far as they can on our platform. With the Help Center, we’re providing the tools for our users to do just that.

Have a question about Merge? Go check out the Help Center!