Announcing our $15 million Series A and Expanded Partnerships

A year and a half ago, we founded Merge to solve the integrations problem 10x better than any product trying to do the same. Now, just six months out of stealth, we’ve seen our users grow from 100 to over 600. That 500% increase is a tremendous vote of confidence from you: leaders, developers, and teams who are just as tired of dealing with integrations as we were. 

Today, we’re excited to announce our $15 million Series A led by Addition. This round allows us to commit to growing not just our product and team, but a critical part of our business: partnerships. With this round, we’re continuing on our mission to revolutionize how every B2B company approaches its integrations strategy.

Product + Team Expansion

We've experienced some amazing growth since we announced our Seed round with NEA in May. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Product features released include better logs, enhanced webhooks, CSV upload, SAML SSO, and our single-tenant offering 
  • Our new Platform team built out integrations for platforms like Oracle Taleo, Jobvite, and Workday HRIS — you can learn about their endpoints and more through our revamped documentation
  • We’ve grown our team to 20 people (and counting!). We expanded our executive team by hiring Alexia Cohade, our Head of Finance and Operations, and Robert Williams, our Head of Sales

The Merge team in their San Francisco and New York City offices

From Payroll APIs to Accounting APIs: Why We’re Serious About Partnerships

On top of our product and team growth, we're also thrilled to announce our brand new partnerships with BambooHR and Lever.

For our current and future customers, partnerships ensure reliable integrations with some of the most popular HR, payroll, recruiting, and accounting products on the market. For API providers, partnerships ensure their products are not just the source of truth, but that they become the foundation on top of which Merge's customers build. 

Building off of our previous partnerships with HR and payroll API providers like UKG, we couldn’t be more proud to partner with leaders like BambooHR and Lever.

"We're so excited to announce this partnership with Merge! This partnership will help our customers easily sync their BambooHR data with a wider-array of third-party vendors who have already integrated with Merge, and will continue to help expand the developer ecosystem around our product." - Natalie Bigney, BambooHR Marketplace Manager

In addition to partnerships, this round enables us to continue expanding our integrations with HR APIs, payroll APIs, recruiting APIs, and accounting APIs. In the coming months, we’ll increase the headcount of our sales and engineering teams, as well as further boost our marketing efforts. Merge customers can also look forward to enterprise features like on-premise support and audit trails!

Welcome to the Merge Table

Addition, founded by Lee Fixel, led our round and previous investors NEA also participated. They’re joined by an amazing group of angels including:

  • Jean-Denis Greze, Plaid CTO
  • Alex Solomon, PagerDuty CTO and Co-Founder
  • Harry Stebbings, Founder and Host of The Twenty Minute VC
  • Packy McCormick, Founder of Not Boring
  • Cristina Cordova, Former Stripe Head of Business Development
  • Michael Martocci, SwagUp CEO and Founder
  • Eric Glyman, Ramp CEO and Co-Founder 
  • Josh Browder, DoNotPay CEO
  • Oliver Jay, Asana VP of Revenue 
  • Daniel Marashlian, Drata CTO

We couldn’t be more proud of our team for all they continue to build. If you want to join us — we’re hiring! 

And to any potential Merge customers, now’s the best time to hop on board — sign up today!