Announcing Merge’s $4.5M seed round and Accounting API

We’re proud to announce Merge raised $4.5 million in a seed round led by NEA, with Managing General Partner Scott Sandell joining Merge’s board of directors.

The round also received participation from angels such as Greg Schott (former CEO of MuleSoft), Matthew Prince (CEO of Cloudflare), Tim Junio and Matt Kraning (Co-Founders of Expanse), Ben Herman (CEO of Jumpstart), and many, many more. We’re honored to have their vote of confidence.

Merge’s goal is to be the default API that all B2B companies use when they start thinking about customer-facing integrations. We invested heavily in our product up-front to eventually support the entire B2B space.

In Sandell’s own words: “The time and expense associated with building and maintaining myriad API integrations is a pain point we hear about consistently from our portfolio companies across all industries. Merge is tackling this ubiquitous problem head-on via their easy-to-use, unified API platform.”

With that goal in mind, we’re excited to launch our brand-new Accounting API.

Since Merge started, we’ve onboarded customers who require integrations in several categories. Demand for our HRIS and ATS APIs had a natural overlap, but we kept hearing interest in additional verticals — in particular, accounting. It was clear through customer feedback that the Accounting space had a need for a truly unified, developer-first Accounting API.

So we built it.

We’re excited to take this step into an additional category and support more B2B companies with the full integrations lifecycle.

With a brand new market to tackle and a new infusion of capital, we’ll be scaling up our team in SF and NYC over the next year. We’re hiring for positions across all departments — engineering, sales, post-sales, recruiting, and marketing.

Interested in trying out our product? Sign up here — it’s free to start building integrations with Merge!