Merge has established a partnership with Rippling—here’s what it entails

We’re excited to announce that we’ve entered into a partnership with Rippling—a leading workforce management system—which will allow clients to integrate their products to Rippling via Merge! 

Merge is the first unified API solution to partner with Rippling and we see this as a big milestone in supporting our clients’ HRIS integration needs.

You can read on to learn how you can access our premium integration with Rippling and some of the ways you can leverage it.

Partnership overview

The integration will be offered to clients on Merge’s Professional and Enterprise plans. If you’re interested in enabling the integration, Merge will submit an application to the Rippling App Shop on your behalf. If you’re approved, your customers will be able to connect to Rippling through the App Shop and/or via Merge Link in your product

If you’re approved as a Rippling partner, you’ll get access to the following benefits:

  • A listing in the Rippling App Shop where Rippling customers can discover and install your app
  • Integrations that are built and supported by Merge
Rippling App Shop

How to use the Rippling integration

Once you’ve connected your product to Rippling, you can access and sync several types of data from a customer’s instance of the workforce management system:

  • User management: synchronize data and automate access to apps across your entire workforce so that every employee has the necessary access and permissions
  • Sync employee data: keep employee data up-to-date with ease, whether it’s their employment type, job title, manager, work location, and so on
  • Sync company data: access either specific companies or all of them
  • Group management: sync predefined groups (such as teams or departments) or all of the groups 
  • SSO: safely manage and share your employee passwords to improve security and reduce administrative overhead

Final thoughts

Here at Merge, our mission is to make secure data access easy. We’re thrilled to extend that mission to customers that adopt our premium Rippling integration. 

If you’re interested in using our Rippling integration, you can speak to your dedicated customer success manager at Merge. And if you’d like to learn more about the integration, you can review our integration page for Rippling.