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Top integration use cases for Lever

Source candidates effectively

Enable recruiters to source the talent their organization needs at different points in time by frequently pulling new and updated open roles from Lever into your product. 

Once recruiters find candidates that are interested in interviewing, they can add any back to Lever with the simple click of a button or by changing the candidate’s status in your product. And if you allow candidates to submit applications within your product, you can automatically add their submitted applications to their associated profiles in Lever. That way, anyone who doesn't have access to your product but can access Lever is able to review a candidate's application.

You can also leverage the Lever integration to showcase your product’s ROI; more specifically, you can highlight the share of applicants that have been hired through your platform over a specific period of time to demonstrate that your product is critical for engaging target candidates, nurturing their interest, and convincing them to work at your company.

Learn how your clients can source candidates in your product via Merge.

Engage candidates intelligently

The ability to sync candidates' statuses in Lever with your product can help unlock additional use cases and value to the recruiters who use your product.

Recruiters can send candidates more thoughtful messages through your product; they can send surveys to candidates based on the interview stages they’re in to quickly pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses in the interview process; they can identify candidates who have been stuck in a certain interview stage and investigate further to identify the best next step.

The syncs can also work bidirectionally (i.e. any changes made in a candidate’s status within your product can be reflected in the candidate's profile in Lever). That way, anyone who has access to the ATS but not your product can easily stay in the loop and take the necessary actions on time, such as creating an offer letter.

Discover how your users can access interview stages in your product via Merge.

Evaluate candidates thoroughly

As your clients interview candidates, they can use your product to assign candidates specific assessments that determine their level of proficiency in key areas. Once any assessment is completed, the associated hiring manager can then log into your product, review the submission, and grade it.

To help recruiters access, review, and leverage these graded assessments throughout the interview cycle, you can build a sync that automatically downloads any assessment that's graded in your application and uploads it to the candidate's associated profile in your ATS.

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Get Employee Data
import merge
from merge.client import Merge
merge_client = Merge(api_key="<YOUR_API_KEY>", account_token="<YOUR_ACCOUNT_TOKEN>")
employee = merge_client.hris.employees.list()
import { MergeClient, Merge } from '@mergeapi/merge-node-client';
const merge = new MergeClient({
  apiKey: 'YOUR_API_KEY',
  accountToken: 'YOUR_ACCOUNT_TOKEN',
employee = await merge.hris.employees.list()
ApiClient.instance.authentications.tokenAuth = {
  type: 'bearer',
  accessToken: 'API_KEY',
new EmployeesApi().employeesList('ACCOUNT_TOKEN', {}, (data) => {
import (
  merge "github.com/fern-api/merge-go"
  mergeclient "github.com/fern-api/merge-go/client"

client := mergeclient.NewClient(
employee, err := client.Hris().Employees().List(
    IncludeRemoteData: merge.Bool(true),
if err != nil {
  return err
fmt.Printf("Retrieved employee with ID %q\n", *employee.Id)
ApiClient client = Configuration.getDefaultApiClient();
ApiKeyAuth tokenAuth = client.getAuthentication('tokenAuth');
CandidatesApi apiInstance = new CandidatesApi(client);
import com.merge.api.MergeApiClient;
import com.merge.api.resources.hris.employees.requests.EmployeesRetrieveRequest;
import com.merge.api.resources.hris.types.Employee;
MergeApiClient mergeClient = MergeApiClient.builder()
Employee employee = mergeClient.hris().employees().list(
"id": "0958cbc6-6040-430a-848e-aafacbadf4ae",
"remote_id": "19202938",
"employee_number": "2",
"company": "8d9fd929-436c-4fd4-a48b-0c61f68d6178",
"first_name": "Dirna",
"last_name": "Emanuel",
"display_full_name": "Dirna Emanuel",
"username": "dirnaemanuel",
"groups": [
"work_email": "dirna@merge.dev",
"personal_email": "dirnaemanuel@gmail.com",
"mobile_phone_number": "+1234567890",
"employments": [
Meta Endpoint

Programmatically access required schemas

Third-party providers require specific (and often different) fields to write data to their APIs, making your code a mess.

Dynamically fetch required data schemas from Merge’s /meta endpoint to make POST or PATCH requests that just work.

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