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The Company object is used to represent a Company within the HRIS / Payroll system.


The Employee object is used to represent an Employee for a company.


The EmployeePayrollRun object is used to represent a payroll run for a specific employee.


The Employment object is used to represent an employment position at a company. These are associated with the employee filling the role. Please note: Employment objects are constructed if the object does not exist in the remote system.


The Group object is used to represent Group information that employees belong to. This is often referenced with an Employee object. Please note: The teams object will fulfill most use cases. The Groups object is for power-users that want all types of groups at a company and the optionality of pulling multiple groups for an employee.


The Team object is used to represent a Team within a company. Employee objects are often grouped this way. Note that in the Merge HRIS API, company subdivisions are all represented with Teams, rather than Teams and Departments.

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