How Avenue took dozens of project management integrations to market within days

How Avenue took dozens of project management integrations to market within days

  • 25%
    increase in their close rate
  • 24
    hours or less to add a ticketing integration
  • 10
    times improvement compared to building in-house


One integration isn’t enough

Avenue’s Zendesk integration was ‘good enough’, but wouldn’t scale. 

It came from an inbound request. This meant Jeff Barg, Avenue’s co-founder, and his team did what they do best: they built the integration without much thought to close the deal. 

“We took the path of least resistance, which was just to dive into the API docs,” Jeff says.

What they found were unexpected difficulties. Minor issues, like types being incorrect in documentation, built up and meant that the integration build took longer than it should have. That ultimately distracted from Avenue’s core roadmap.

“We definitely didn't want to do that again if we got another request.”

Why? Avenue is an observability platform for operations teams. Founded by Jeff and his high school best friend Justin Bleuel, the Uber and Amazon alums' goal is to bring observability infrastructure enjoyed by larger enterprises to small and medium businesses.

Avenue’s customers, who range in profile from AngelList Ventures to Rappi, can set up alerts for business conditions that they want to monitor. Avenue then sends those alerts to Slack, SMS, and (now!) project management destinations.

Interconnectivity is key to the platform’s value prop: ops teams form the “backbone” of most organizations. Being able to meet their users in the many places that they’re at is important. 

Even though their Zendesk integration came out ‘good enough,’ future project management integrations were in a nebulous space. They had clear value, but were painful for a team with limited resources.

“The idea was like hey, let’s figure out a more sustainable way to do this for our company, where it's not a core competency for us to have all these integrations. But it's still something that people ask for.”


“Merge lets us build a new integration in 1-2 days instead of 2 weeks”

Enter Merge.

With Merge, Avenue has been able to launch Project Management integrations with Asana, Linear, Trello, and more by connecting to a single API. More importantly, they’re able to confidently prove their value and sell to more companies. 

“We’re able to field a lot more inbound requests, by just being able to support them through Merge,” says Jeff. 

Merge can support Avenue’s use case because it supports bi-directional data for each of its project management platforms:

“When the monitor creates a signal or an alert, it will create a ticket in the ticketing system, and all of the comments and status get updated bidirectionally between that ticket and the Avenue alert.”

Moreover, Merge’s support for real-time data with Webhooks along with regular data syncs provide a one-two punch for reliable data. 

This is a 10x improvement over their in-house build. Previously, “Zendesk didn’t always reliably send those webhooks. We've had instances [where] someone will comment something, we're expecting a webhook, and we don't get that webhook.” When dealing with customers, that unreliability can be a major issue.

Merge solves this by providing a steady source of truth with regular data syncs, and adds in webhooks on top. “You get the… best of both worlds: you get the instant update with a webhook, and if the webhook like from the end destination fails, you’ll still get the data [with periodic syncs].”

Overall, Avenue was able to go to market with dozens of major integrations in days, not weeks.


"100% of our prospects ask if we have integrations. Thanks to Merge, we can say we do."

With Merge, Avenue has been able to find an integration partner that will scale with them. 

Knowing they’ll have access to reliable documentation and data with project management platforms is a relief as Avenue continues to build and sell to more customers. “It’s just helpful to get everything in a package, as a single integration.” 

Moreover, their team has already seen tangible benefits from offering the integrations. For example, according to Caren Duane, Avenue's Head of BizOps, "the integrations we’ve built through Merge have improved our close rate by 25%."

Finally, Avenue's team spends little time on dealing with integration-related issues. "Merge’s integrations are incredibly reliable, so we don’t have to deal with issues all too often. And even when we do, the process of diagnosing and troubleshooting any issue is easy for our team through Merge’s Integration Observability features," Caren explains.

Just as Avenue’s goal is to be the backbone of its operations team, Merge is now the trusted partner for their integrations team.

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