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Merge is available in AWS Marketplace

Merge enables you to quickly and easily add hundreds of customer-facing integrations to your product with a single API. Find it now in AWS Marketplace.

Available in AWS Marketplace

Trusted to Power Integrations Globally

Why Merge is an AWS partner

AWS Marketplace simplifies the procurement, provisioning, and governance of your software, data, and services

Streamline procurement

AWS handles invoicing and provides flexible options for purchases and renewals

Consolidate billing

All of your software spend appears on one bill— no need to get approval for additional budget items

Burn down spend

Purchasing Merge will draw down your committed spend if you have an Enterprise Discount Program (EDP)

Customers love Merge’s partnership with AWS

Team Ohana

Partnering with AWS has made our development team more nimble and efficient, which in turn has led to greater overall productivity and innovation. Merge has been an important collaborator in making TeamOhana a leader in the headcount management space by allowing us to rapidly deploy integrations and accelerate product development.

Tushar Makhija
Co-Founder and CEO,
Audit Board

Our partnership with AWS has been a great experience, and the platform has proven to be a powerful tool for us to build our application on, host customer instances and store their data. Merge provided us the boost we needed to connect with a large number of third party solutions to interact with and ingest evidence from.

Bulut Ersavas
Head of Platform Products,

Add hundreds of integrations to your product in weeks

Chat with one of our integration experts to learn more and find out if you’re eligible for free AWS credits when you complete a proof of concept with Merge.

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