Meet the Mergies: Paul Spangfort

We're excited to share our latest edition of "Meet the Mergies", a content series that spotlights the wonderful and brilliant people who work at Merge.

In this edition, we're shining the spotlight on Paul Spangfort, a Software Engineer who works out of our New York City office.

As you'll soon learn, Paul is a man of many talents and has an insatiable curiosity, both of which make him the perfect candidate for this content series. He's also worked at Merge for nearly two years, so he has a lot of insight to offer in the way of working here.

Without further ado, let's hear from Paul!

1. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Random physical injuries notwithstanding, I love participating in judo and jiu-jitsu! In addition to training, I try to compete a few times a year.

I also really enjoy going to concerts in the city (NYC), hiking, camping, reading random tech/economics blogs on the internet, and enjoying a good video essay about things I don’t know anything about.  

2. Where were you working prior to Merge?

Before Merge, I was at Meta and sat on their business product engineering department. I primarily worked on building their internal tooling and business recovery flows.

3. What attracted you to Merge?

There were a few things that made Merge really compelling for me. Shensi Ding, our CEO and Co-Founder, has an unmissable enthusiasm and excitement, and that shined through from our first conversation.

Merge also had (and still has) a very clear value proposition. It was apparent that the problem Merge solves for—helping B2B companies build, manage, and maintain customer-facing integrations— would only become increasingly relevant.

Finally, when I talked to various "Mergies" during my interviews, every single person was brilliant, engaged, and excited about Merge. I found their passion for the company to be infectious! 

4. What does your typical day at Merge look like?

A typical day can vary a lot, as it involves a lot of cross-functional work and planning. 

However, some common day-to-day activities include writing technical proposals on implementing a new feature, sitting in on customer research calls with our product team to understand our customers’ needs, and collaborating with our platform team to understand and implement the technical changes needed to support more integrations.

5. What do you like most about working at Merge?

I love this question because I’ll take every chance to talk about how wonderful my coworkers truly are. Not only are the people here brilliant and engaging—they're also great people and awesome to spend time with. It’s truly a joy to get to come into the office and spend time with my fellow Mergies. 

6. What keeps you excited about working here?

I’ve already talked about the people, but I want to shout them out again because I can’t overstate how invigorating it is to work with such an amazing team!

I also love that I get to work on and solve novel and complex technical problems every day with such brilliant individuals. The work we do is especially exciting because in many ways, we’re not only defining the unified API space but also how organizations can build and maintain their integrations. Getting to be a part of that experience is a real honor.

Merge is hiring! You can check out our open positions by visiting our careers page.