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Welcome! Follow the guide below to get acquainted with installing Merge’s Unified API in your product


This guide summarizes how to install Merge’s Unified API in your product so that your users can integrate with all Merge-supported platforms.

Important Terms

Merge Unified API
Our Unified API is a single application programming interface that your product can communicate with to offer integrations with all of our supported platforms to your users.

Merge Link
The drop-in user interface component that you’ll add to your application’s frontend. Your user will use Merge Link to authenticate and configure their integration.

Merge Dashboard
Our web application where you can configure, monitor, and troubleshoot your integrations.

Integration / Platform
Any one of the products or services available to integrate with through Merge’s Unified API.

Linked Account
After your user authenticates with a platform through Merge Link, Merge will represent their integration as a Linked Account. You can force resyncs of Linked Accounts through Merge’s Dashboard.

Common Model
The standardized data structure presented by Merge that normalizes data from all supported platforms in our Unified API.

Installing Merge’s Unified API

Merge’s Unified API is added to your product in two parts:

  1. Add Merge Link to your frontend to allow your users to authenticate integrations from within your application
  2. Integrate with Merge’s Unified API in your backend (with the help of one of our SDKs)

Locate API key from Merge Dashboard

You’ll need to locate your production access key for authorizing your product with Merge. Find it in your Merge Dashboard under Configuration. You can learn more about using this API key in our Authentication docs.

API Keys preview

Add Merge Link to your frontend

Follow the Merge Link guide below, which will walk you through the steps of adding our drop-in component to your frontend.

Once your end user has authenticated with a supported integration from within Merge Link, Merge will create a Linked Account for that user (which can be managed from your Merge Dashboard). This Linked Account will start syncing data between Merge and the authenticated integration.

Preview of Merge Link component
Add Merge Link to your frontend

Add our drop-in component to your product so your users can authorize their integrations.

Integrate with Merge via SDK

Using our SDKs (available in many languages) will allow your app to integrate with Merge and interact with data from any platform that your users authenticate an integration with.

Preview of Merge SDK code snippet
Add Merge's SDK to your backend

Use our SDK to integrate your product with Merge and start transacting data with our supported platforms.

Unified API Basics

Merge’s Unified API has a number of helpful features to to make it easier to deploy and test your integrations.

Linked Accounts Endpoint

Filterable list endpoint that returns Linked Accounts for your organization. For each Linked Account, provides end user information, link status, and a list of available operations and supported fields for Merge’s Common Models. This is absolutely one of the most helpful features we have and you should take advantage of it as much as possible.

Supplemental Data

Allows you to bypass Merge’s data normalization to work with your users’ original data.


Learn how to paginate bulk data through Merge’s API.


Normally, Merge syncs end-user data through polling at configurable frequencies (in Merge Dashboard). With Merge’s webhooks, we’re able to send a POST request with that information to your server any time there’s a relevant change to your users’ data.

Integration Metadata

If you want to show details regarding available integrations from within your product, you can do so using our metadata endpoints.

Visit our API Reference (ATS, HRIS, AccountingTicketing) for a full guide on navigating our API’s endpoints..

Resyncing User Data and Resolving User Issues


Forces all sync processes between Merge and a Linked Account’s authenticated integration to restart. This pulls the latest data to Merge and writes any data to the platform that is yet to be written. You will still need to pull the latest data down from Merge.

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Merge tracks and alerts you of issues regarding anything that may go wrong with your users’ integrations (e.g., a missing permission, a bad API key, etc.). Merge flags the issue for your team to resolve easily and securely.

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