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New Integrations: Justworks and SmartRecruiters

Justworks and SmartRecruiters

We're excited to announce two major additions to our integrations portfolio - Justworks (Merge HRIS) and SmartRecruiters (Merge ATS)! With both of these partners being some of the fastest growing companies in the HR and Recruiting space, we're excited to be able to offer these integrations to our customers. 

If you would like to enable it for your organization, navigate to Configuration → Integrations → HRIS or ATS, and toggle Justworks or SmartRecruiters.

Linking Flow Redesign 

As a company, we highly prioritize the developer and end-user experience when it comes to cross-platform integration authorization. As part of our ongoing design efforts, we've revamped the look and feel of our drop-in integration authorization component, which now features a sleeker design that favors Merge's neutral palette.

Linking Flow Redesign

As a gateway between many different platforms - each with their own brand and style - Merge strives to design an experience that unobtrusively intermediates connections between products. This is one step along this journey - stay tuned for more design updates to come in the coming weeks!

API Changes

  • Integrations Metadata Endpoint - You can now make a request to /api/integrations to programmatically fetch information about the integrations Merge offers.

  • ATS POST /Candidate and POST /Application - We're excited to support these endpoints for the following additional integrations: Greenhouse, Lever, SAP Successfactors and Breezy HR.

  • ATS.attachment.attachment_type is now fully supported across all integrations

Other Fixes and Improvements 

  • We've updated our linking flow for OAuth to include better logging for when an integration encounters bad authorization, which will appear on the Logs page.

  • Better error logging and improvements to the user experience for our POST endpoints, especially with regards to missing or incorrect input.

  • Fixes to how we handle pagination for certain integrations.

  • Fixed documentation to include HRIS Employee.employee_number.

  • Fixes to parsing country data.

  • Remote data now includes a path_parameters section for any relevant endpoints that have a path parameter.