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New Integrations: Gusto and Square Payroll

Gusto + Square

Merge is now live with Gusto and Square Payroll through our HRIS API. With these new partners serving hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide, we think these platforms will be great additions for our customers, especially those seeking to reach small and medium businesses. 

If you would like to enable it for your organization, navigate to Configuration → Integrations → HRIS, and toggle Gusto and Square payroll.

Linking Flow Updates

Linking Flow Updates

One of our core principles at Merge is to provide a seamless authentication experience for our user's users. Over the past few weeks, we've made several improvements to our Linking Flow to improve the user experience and cater to a wider variety of integrations.

  • Our authorization linking flow has been updated to include a validation step for credentials for an integration. This new logic allows a user to go back and re-input the correct credentials for the integration if we weren't able to successfully authenticate, or asks them to try again later.

  • We've made significant speed updates to our linking flow portal for any integrations that require OAuth authentication.

  • We've updated our Linking Flow logic to support multi-factor authentication, which allows us to partner with more vendors. 

  • The Linking Flow modal now hides inactive Linked Accounts from the portal.

  • We've added logic to enforce Linked Account uniqueness, and updated our documentation to include how we handle multiple tokens generated from the same end_user_origin_id

API Changes 

  • HRIS Employee:We've added employee_number to our HRIS Employee Object. This change has been reflected in our documentation and all available SDKs

  • ATS Candidate: We've updated the attachments and applications fields to include the full object body, as opposed to just the ID of the relation

Other Fixes and Improvements 

  • Linked accounts can now be deleted on the Merge portal

  • Fixed a bug with name fields when first or last name is undefined.

  • Added some validation around the remote_user_id for our ATS post endpoints to help with checking that the user exists with the ID passed in.

  • Updated error messaging around unsupported API methods for some of our objects.

  • Fixed bug that allows us to support retrieving large attachment urls.

  • Minor UI and bug fixes.