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Field Scopes

We’re thrilled to introduce field scopes: the ability to customize the syncing of Merge's standardized data model across all HRIS, ATS, and Accounting platforms! We know end users may want to sync only specific fields on certain models, so we’re excited to offer this feature in the Configuration section of the Merge Dashboard.

View of the field level scopes toggke

Paylocity Marketplace Partners

Paylocity Marketplace partners can now input their org-level credentials and speed up the process for their end users to integrate with Paylocity via Merge Link! We’re excited to offer Paylocity partners a more optimized authentication flow!

SDK Updates & Latest Versions

  • Accounting Node SDK 1.0.2


  • Using test-API keys now results in test-linked-accounts

  • UKG Pro benefits have been updated to include current enrollment data