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Announcing Merge Guides

In addition to our existing documentation about our API, we’ve rolled out a unique Guides section to provide extremely detailed walkthroughs of key aspects customers have requested for information about as they’re getting set up!

Field Supported By Platform Added 

We’ve added information about whether or not a particular action and object is supported on each of our integrations to enable our customers to conveniently understand platform-specific nuances in our Documentation

New Pricing Structure

As our customer base has grown, we’ve updated our pricing structure to reflect feedback about ATS, HRIS, and free plans. Rather than simply charging per API call we’ll be pricing according to the following metrics:

HRIS: $0.50 per Employee object per month

ATS: $0.15 per 100 Candidates per month

Free Tier: Up to the first 200 employees or 66,667 candidates

We’re also offering two annual plans to expand the scope of our offering. Check out our new pricing page to see all the perks of our premium plans!