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Merge Help Center

We’re thrilled to share the Merge Help Center with all our users. Customer experience sits at the core of our mission, and we built our Help Center to empower our customers to find the answers to the questions they need conveniently and efficiently.

Find answers to all your questions about Merge here and check out our related blog post.

API Changes

HRIS: We’re adding a new field called start_date to the hris.Employee object. Hire_date will reflect the most recent hire date of an employee, and start_date will reflect when the employee has started at the company. 

IMPORTANT: We will be transitioning all existing values for hire_date to start_date, and hire_date will  reflect the actual date an offer is made. 

This transition will occur on Monday July 26th at 11:59 PM EST.

SDKs: We’ve now added two Elixir SDKs, which you can access for ATS and HRIS

Linking Flow: We’ve launched a new linking flow that improves the customer experience by clarifying steps with a more standardized, simplified design across all integrations. Internally, the built-in stylings will allow future non-technical integration engineers to easily create and update linking flow steps.

Other fixes and improvements: 

  • Docs enhancements for our webhooks page

  • Added welcome banner to Dashboard

  • Minor bug fixes and changes