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Docs Redesign


We're so excited to announce a redesign of our documentation. We pride ourselves on a developer-centric experience, and sensible, beautiful documentation is absolutely critical for our customers and our company.

Check out the newly designed documentation here. To learn more about our thought process behind this change, our designer, Simeon Lee, wrote a blog post on his design process.

New Integrations: UKG Ready and TalentLyft

UKG Ready / TalentLyft

UKG Ready and TalentLyft are now live through our Merge ATS API! To enable these integrations, go to Configuration -> Integrations -> toggle UKG Ready and TalentLyft.

API Changes

  • GET /Candidates - We now offer the ability to filter candidates by first_name, last_name, or email

  • POST for Merge ATS API - Remote_user_id is now an optional parameter for all ATS POST endpoints. Please note that certain integrations still require a remote_user_id parameter to be passed in - you can view which integrations require it via our Available Actions endpoint.