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Teamtailor Writes

We’re excited to share that our customers can now POST candidates and jobs directly to Teamtailor via Merge. Many customers identified this as being critical to our use case, so we were more than happy to help!

New Integration: Namely

Merge has added support for Namely to our HRIS API. Our Platform team absolutely crushed this build and provided an amazing turnaround time for our customers who wanted to integrate via Merge with Namely! 

New Integration: Taleo

Taleo has been a massive target on our roadmap and we are thrilled to be able to announce it has officially been added to our ATS API. We’re extremely proud of this one and can’t wait for our customers to start building with it!

Integration Expansion: Greenhouse Job Board API

In addition to the Harvest API, Merge will now be able to support endpoints on the Job Board API on Greenhouse! This will expand the amount of data our users are able to pull from Greenhouse and expand the level of detail they can pull for a candidate. 

Upgraded Logs

In order to create a more positive customer experience with our logs, we’ve completed a number of infrastructure upgrades that have increased the speed at which our users are able to access and interact with their logs!

Issues Endpoint

We are always looking for ways to empower our customers to be proactive with their end users, which is why we’ve added the Issues endpoint! This allows users to hit our API and easily see if there are any linked account issues, notifying them quickly and efficiently about any customer issue. 

Other fixes and improvements:

  • SDK upgrades 

  • Testing enhancement

  • Syncing speed improvements

  • Ability to filter Time Off by Type for HRIS API

  • Addition of job_code to Job object for ATS API