How Opal Makes Permissions Intuitive with Merge

How Opal Makes Permissions Intuitive with Merge

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    HRIS integrations added in over a week using Merge


How do you build the future in a fragmented landscape?

This isn’t the start of a post-apocalyptic novel— it’s the reality for pioneering start-ups like Opal.

Opal is redefining the access management platform. They make it simple for engineering teams to provide permissions and role-based access with the click of a button, or through applications like Slack. By providing logs and tracking they’re able to ensure rigorous compliance in an agile product.

Simply put, Opal provides permissions in a way that makes sense. When they were building out their product, they knew a permissions hierarchy based on managers would make a lot of sense. But as always, different customers track managers in different HR systems. 

To enable this functionality for their wide customer base, Opal needed to build integrations with as many HRIS platforms as possible. They knew they needed a product that would make the development process seamless and quick.

Merge’s Unified API enabled Opal to integrate once and gain access to 20+ HRIS products in just over a week. Now they don’t have to worry about maintaining HR integrations, just building the future of permissions.

“Merge is the king of integrations. Within a week - we were able to integrate Merge with our product features.  Our customers absolutely LOVE the fact that we integrate with all major HRIs - all thanks to Merge!”

- Eugene Ling, Head of Business, Opal

Merge now helps Opal in two critical ways:

  • HRIS Integrations — Merge empowers Opal to integrate with 20+ HRIS systems. Opal is secure knowing that any future integrations or updates will be handled completely free by Merge.
  • Compliance and continuous monitoring with webhooks — if an individual is off-boarded, or a permission is revoked in the company at large, Merge provides the update via webhooks for Opal’s users.

Opal is able to confidently build their industry defining product while being assured that 98% of their customers have access to the HR platforms they use daily. And if they don’t? The Merge team is ready to build those out, too. 

In a fragmented world, that’s a pretty good guarantee. 

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