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Prove Your Concept: Introducing Our Free and Launch Plans

Note: This post has been updated to reflect the latest Free and Launch plan pricing and capabilities.

A robust integration strategy can accelerate your GTM motion, drive initial growth, and help you find product-market fit faster. 

— I’m sure you’ve heard this from us before. 

Now with our Free and Launch plans, you don’t just have to take our word for it. 

Both plans give you access to not just the integrations you need to sell to your first customers, but the functionality you need to build an end-to-end integration-powered product: Webhooks. Bi-directional data. Unlimited data usage.

Even better? You don’t pay until you’ve proven our thesis by integrating your first 3 customers. 

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How Free and Launch Streamline Your Build

Both our Free and Launch plans are structured around Production Linked Accounts — a.k.a the number of customers or users who’ve integrated with your app. 

They’re priced to scale with you:

Free: Cost: Free up to 3 Production Linked Accounts; unlimited synced data per linked account. 

Launch: Cost: $650/month up to 10 Production Linked Accounts; unlimited synced data per linked account. $65/month for each additional Linked Account.

Both include core features needed by startups. Full access to real-time data with webhooks, bi-directional data, unlimited data usage, and plenty of test-linked accounts ensure that what you implement in your first build of Merge is able to scale with you.

To see a detailed breakdown of the features, head to our Pricing Page.

Prove Your Product Works with Integrations 

Since we began Merge, our mission has been to not just save developers time but to help companies close more deals with integrations. 

We’ve been fortunate to prove this out with the over 3,000 companies who use our platform – where startups from Opal to Scholars have seen their roadmaps shortened and deals close because of Merge. 

Our Free and Launch plans now expand the definition of who benefits from Merge. Startups of all sizes can prove their value proposition through integrations, on their terms, and with zero friction. 

Our Free plan is the way to use integrations to prove product market fit. 

Where can I learn more?

If you want to compare features across our plans, check out our Pricing Page to see a feature-by-feature breakdown.

Additionally, we'll be billing on a retroactive monthly basis going forward. That means if you are a Merge user on the Free or Launch plans, you will not receive a bill on November 1st, regardless of how many Production Linked Accounts you have - more on that here

If you're an Existing Merge Organization and curious about what the change means, check out our FAQ:

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