Introducing Requested Data in Merge Link

Whether it's personally identifiable information (like a social security number or home address) or more general info like first name/last name, one thing holds true for your product: your users trust you with a lot of data.

Merge now allows you to display requested data from inside of Merge Link.

Read on to learn about our latest update to Merge Link, and how you can display requested data in your product’s linking flow.

Why We Display Requested Data in Merge Link

Transparency is a core tenant at Merge.

Earlier this year, we released Scopes to let you define exactly which models and fields Merge accessed when pulling user data. Scopes allowed you to assure your customers you only process the data you absolutely needed.

Now, by displaying requested data in Merge Link you can be as transparent as possible to your users about how you use their data.

With a flip of a switch, you can accurately display the data models and fields you request from your users. Merge displays this on two levels:

  1. The fields are requested from a specific integration. This is completely dynamic: if an integration doesn’t have a common model field represented, then it won’t be displayed.
  2. The data model and field scope settings that the customer is using.

Want to get started?

In your Merge portal, head to Configuration > Common Models > Settings.

Enable the “Show Requested Data Screen In Linking Flow” setting by flipping the toggle.

And that’s it! You’re now able to have Merge Link display the data you're requesting from your users!