How Drata helps hundreds of companies streamline their SOC2 compliance with Merge

Merge is passionate about security, and we’re excited to share more about how we’ve been working with Drata — the next-generation SOC 2 readiness platform.

Drata is a security and compliance automation platform that helps its customers continuously monitor and collect evidence of their security posture, while streamlining compliance workflows end-to-end to ensure audit readiness. Because each customer uses different platforms, Drata’s team has built deep integrations with a host of cloud services, developer tools, HRIS, ticketing, device management, and more.

When we first came to Drata, it was clear that they needed a reliable and responsive product to help with the full integrations lifecycle. In assessing API provider options, Drata was focused on finding a solution that was proven and consistent. Downtime and bad data would result in customers violating their audit window — unacceptable results for a customer-facing enterprise experience.

Our conversations with the Drata team confirmed that Merge would be a strong integration provider to help support Drata’s vision of seamless security readiness. With Merge’s SOC 2 Type II compliance, customers are ensured their data is stored in a secure environment. Our team’s commitment to customer relations and scalability means that any issues are addressed as they pop up, and Drata’s customers are able to access integrations as they are released.

“Merge’s solution has allowed us to rapidly integrate a growing number of tools into Drata’s security and compliance automation platform with no interruption to our product roadmap. Working with Merge’s Unified API and beautiful React component took less than a sprint to integrate, test, and release — a level of speed and performance that matches what any high-performing startup would require.”

Daniel Marashlian, Drata Co-Founder & CTO

Here’s how customers connect to their HRIS platform in Drata’s portal:

  • Customers go to the “Connections” page on Drata’s portal

  • Under HRIS (Human Resource Information Management), a list of integrations with companies like Bamboo HR, Justworks, Paylocity, etc. appears.

  • Click “Connect”, and the Merge embedded linking flow pops up straight to the first step

  • Customers see instructions on how to retrieve an API key, and save for a persistent integration

It’s been incredible to see Drata’s rapid growth over the past few months. The Drata team is extremely customer-focused, and we’ve learned a lot from working with them. As Drata’s customer base has grown, we’ve worked with them to add new integrations (like Justworks) to the Merge HRIS API for no additional cost.

We absolutely love working with Drata — we’re happy customers as well. If you’re interested in learning more about Drata, check them out here:

Interested in learning more about Merge? Check us out here and try it out free!

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